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  1. Hello.
    Is it possible to have different users that use the App, with different logins ? As i know, only the jetpack user can use the App, but i can’t give this login to my differents autors :/

  2. I really mis the possibility to edit page title/meta description (Yoast) from this? Is there any way this could be possible?

  3. This story is titled using WP app with self hosted sites but goes on to discuss using WP with sites.

  4. Can you use the wordpress app for iOS with the 2-step autenticator from Google? I cannot get access to my selfhosted site and I think it is due to 2-step autenticator.
    I managed to edit a first site with the app which uses Clef for 2-step verification. As Clef can only have 1 site I use Google authenticator on a second site but I cannot access it. Is this possible?

  5. This is no doubt a good help for bloogers but may i know can i operate my self hosted app from Android ap?

    1. >up
      upping this question, won’t go iOS anytime soon, I’d love to know!

    2. Avatar of Antoine Guédès Antoine Guédès says:

      I’m not sure I understood well your question, but on “” it says this: “WordPress mobile apps support and self-hosted sites running WordPress 4.0 or higher.”.

  6. Interestingly, I can’t install a plug-in on my account unless I upgrade to the Business account. Is that a new requirement?

    1. Avatar of Antoine Guédès Antoine Guédès says:

      This is actually what the Pricing page of says. See — You’ve to upgrade to the Business account to be able to install plugins. It’s the first plan that allows this.

  7. HI ! Very useful indeed. Now I’ve been having huge problems with jetpack. It has blocked almost all my comments since April 2019. I’ve now disabled it and life is back to normal. Except that I can’t use my WordPress android app. Is there any other plugin that I could use instead of jetpack. Or shall I just give up on the mobile app?

    1. Avatar of pradeepdotco pradeepdotco says:

      Hi Kalpana,

      That’s strange. Try contacting Jetpack support – they might be able to fix it for you.

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