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Welcome to WPism! I am Pradeep Singh, and I am so grateful that you're here. Thank you for your interest in learning about WPism.

WPism is an online publisher focused on everything WordPress. Our mission is to empower bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

We are mainly focused on the business and marketing aspects of using WordPress. Powering over 30% of the web, WordPress has undoubtedly become a top CMS choice among marketers. We help marketers and bloggers achieve more using WordPress.

WPism helps marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers using WordPress for their businesses.

Who is behind WPism?

WPism is run by a team of content creators and editors lead by Pradeep Singh.


Meet the Founder – Pradeep Singh

Hi, I am Pradeep Singh. I am the founder and your host here at WPism. My love for blogs and blogging, in general, introduced me to WordPress. I have a great interest in WordPress, and I have been using the platform for several years.

WPism is all about sharing my passion and knowledge about WordPress with you.

I started this website to document all my WordPress learning and make it easier for others to follow along my learning journey.

Pradeep Singh – WPism

Over the years, I have built several WordPress powered websites and helped many others to get started with WordPress.

Apart from WordPress, I am passionate about entrepreneurship and startups. I am a business management graduate and hold a degree in Business Management with a specialisation in Entrepreneurship.

I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge. You can view my LinkedIn Profile for details on education and experience.

You can also follow me on Twitter here or connect with me on my Facebook page.

WPism Team

WPism also has some excellent contributors and WordPress professionals behind the scenes that work on writing blogs and articles, deal with limited client projects and maintain our social media.

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I hope WPism helps you get started with WordPress and helps you keep learning on your blogging journey.

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