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Weglot is one of the most popular translation tools available for WordPress websites. It is the easiest way to turn your website multilingual and reach a wider audience around the world. 

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Weglot lets you translate your website content within minutes while ensuring your translated multilingual content is SEO compatible and indexed by Google. 

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Weglot works with all content management systems including WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Squarespace among others. Besides, they have built integrations to support other web technologies if you don’t use any CMS for your website. 

Why Weglot for Translations

Weglot is a unique and outstanding translation plugin and differs from other plug-and-play translation solutions available for WordPress.

The platform helps you create high-quality translations and connects you with professional translators depending on your needs.

Further, Weglot provides with you with a managed dashboard to collaborate with your team of translators and manage multiple translations all in one place.

Another obvious reason for WordPress users would be Weglot's easy and complete integration with WordPress.

Besides, if you have been using other translation plugins such as WPML or Polylang, you should still be able to easily migrate on WeGlot. Feel free to contact their support team, if you need any preexisting translations.

Here are some of the major reasons why WeGlot can be useful for multilingual solutions. 

Complete integration 

WeGlot supports all themes and plugins and lets you translate all strings on the pages of your website. It also supports all the content around WooCommerce including order and email templates. 

SEO Compatible

One of the reasons why you might be discouraged from installing plug-and-play translation plugins is that they are often not SEO compatible. WeGlot, however, has generates translations based on  Google’s best practices for multilingual websites. This includes generating pages with translated content with dedicated URLs following Google recommendation for multilingual sites.

100+ Translation Languages

You will certainly find the language that you want to translate your content into. WeGlot provides with a single dashboard to manage all those translations. The best part is that WeGlot also provides you access to professional translators within the platform. 

Professional Support

Like any reliable platform, WeGlot offers professional support to all users including those on the limited free plans. Priority support is also available for premium members on the platform. 

Multiple Use Cases

Besides, there are several use cases where having a multilingual website can be essential. 

eCommerce Brands – If you have a WooCoommerce store, you can make the website and product descriptions available in different languages that can help increase in sales. 

SaaS Platforms – Make your platform available in different languages in other countries. 

Marketplaces – Help buyers and sellers with the multilingual element to facilitate more collaboration and sales. 

Corporate websites – Essential if you have stakeholders in different regions. 

And many more… 

Essentially, WeGlot can be useful in all cases where you need the content of your website to be translated into different languages to reach a wider audience in different parts of the world.

Weglot Pricing

Weglot offers different pricing plans accommodating the needs of all starters, businesses and other advanced users. See their current pricing structure in the screenshot below. 

Pricing Weglot Coupon Code

Visit the Weglot pricing page to see all their offerings in detail.

Please note that if you choose their yearly plans, you get 2 months free subscription on all of their plans. 

Installing and Using WeGlot

WeGlot is easy to set up like any other WordPress plugin. The only complex part in fully activating the plugin is that you will require an API key to use WeGlot services.

Follow these quick steps below to install WeGlot and set up an account. 

You can install the WeGlot plugin directly from the official WordPress repository

Search for “WeGlot” from within your WordPress installation and click install. You can also download the plugin from this official repository and upload it to your website. 

If you don’t use WordPress, Weglot has setup guides for all of their supported platforms. 

Once you have installed Weglot on your WordPress website, follow these steps to register an account and display multilingual content.

  1. Register an account with Weglot and get your API key from the Weglot dashboard. 
  2. Go to the settings page of Weglot from your WordPress dashboard and enter the API key. 
  3. You can then choose the translation languages and your website original language on this page. 
  4. Finally, navigate to the widgets section your WordPress (Appearance > Widgets) and add the Weglot Translate widget in the section where you want the translation language icons to appear. 

You can then continue editing the required translations for your website on your Weglot account. 

How to use Weglot Coupon Code? 

Weglot has exclusively provided WPism users with a dedicated coupon code that allows you a 15% discount on all of their plans. 

Enter the special offer Promo Code below when you signup and make a payment 

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Weglot Translation FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Weglot.

Is Weglot free?

Weglot offers a free trial and is completely free for small websites, those under 2000 words for only one translation language.

How many languages does Weglot offer?

Weglot allows you to translate your content in more than 100+ languages. You can also collaborate with all translators and seek professional translators on the platform.

Does Weglot offer any discount codes?

You can use our exclusive Weglot coupon code – “WPISMLOT15” to get 15% off on all Weglot plans.

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WPism Team

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