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SEMrush is a very popular and powerful all-in-one SEO suite. Learn all about their tools and use our SEMrush coupon code to start with an exclusive deal – coupon code is applied automatically when you follow this link.

Our rating:

Features ☆ 5.0

SEMrush has tons of features for their different tools - this is in fact their biggest differentiator from other competitors.

Pricing ☆ 4.9

SEO and PPC tools aren't that cheap and yet SEMrush offers a really good value for money for its all-inclusive offering.

Support ☆ 5.0

SEMrush has multiple customer support options and are always looking forward to help with their platform issues.

Overall ☆ 5.0

Overall, SEMrush is a leading marketing platform and offers a comprehensive toolset for all of your SEO needs.

SEMrush is a popular and powerful all-in-one marketing suite to help you with your SEO, PPC, SMM, and PR campaigns‎. They offer several tools for all SEO needs such as keyword research, site audit, and backlinks checker among others. 

Here’s an overview of SEMrush – search engine marketing tool and an exclusive SEMrush coupon code allowing extended free trial for our WPism visitors.

While SEMrush usually offers a free trial, you can use our discount coupon code link to enjoy an additional free week of SEMrush.

You will be asked to create an account with the SEMrush coupon code applied automatically. (If you have used SEMrush before, try opening the link in incognito mode to see the offer). 

With an array of versatile tools including Keyword Analytics, Site Audit, Traffic Analytics, Position Tracking, Organic Research and much more, it’s not difficult to see why SEMrush is one of the leading search engine marketing software used by millions of professionals.

SEMrush Overview

SEMrush is a must-have tool if you are a digital marketer, especially if you are focused on SEO and content marketing.

The platform claims to be all-in-one suite for several marketing purposes including;

And best of all, you can directly pull up one of the customised dashboards with all the required reports that you need to focus on your needs.

SEMrush calls them toolkits and you can easily see the required reports for what you need to focus on for SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Competitive Research.

Try Free SEMrush Tools

Haven’t used SEMrush before? You can quickly try their free online tool and get a sense of the data and tools that they have. This is their free version with limited features and data. 

This is their free version with limited features and data. Our extended trial allows you to test their full platform. 

You will be taken over to SEMrush’s platform by entering a domain name or a keyword above and you can easily see the overview of several reports that you can find on their powerful platform.

It’s not difficult to see how SEMrush can easily give you an edge over your competitors by letting you access their top competitors, keywords, backlinks, advertising history and more within a few clicks.

SEMrush Coupon Codes and Promotions

SEMrush provides very few promotional offers apart from few Black Friday discounts or New Year deals.

They are kind enough to provide an exclusive SEMrush coupon code for our WPism users that allows you an extended trial period. 

Follow the steps below to use the SEMrush coupon code and claim your discount.

How to apply SEMrush coupon code?

The easiest way to apply SEMrush promotional deal is by clicking on our Coupon link exclusive to WPism users

The link will directly take you to account creation process with coupon code applied to your new account. (Remember the promotion is only for new users of SEMrush). 

Follow the process step-by-step to use our SEMrush coupon code and claim your discount.

Step 1: Visit our SEMrush partner link. You will see the WPism & SEMrush partner landing page. 

Step 2: Click on the “Start your free trial now” button on the page and you will be asked to enter your details with discount code applied to your cart already. 

As you can see in the screenshot, you won’t be charged anything for your trial period of 14 days.

SEMrush coupon code discount

Give SEMrush a try now! Use this extended trial link.

SEMrush Pricing – Annual Discount up to 17%

SEMrush has three major plans – Pro, Guru, and Business. You can also get SEMrush discount by paying for your plans annually.

Annual discount is the only way to get an actual SEMrush discount in addition to the coupon code that offers an extended trial. 

Here’s an overview of the SEMrush pricing for their main plans along with the pricing showing annual discount applied. 

Free SEMrush Deals

SEMrush providers several other free deals in addition to the extended free trial.

Some of the free SEMrush deals include eBooks and guides, free courses and webinars. These complementary products will not only provide you with the best insights into the topic but also help you use the SEMrush tool to its full potential. 

Here are some of the most popular free SEMrush resources available for your to download and join for free. 

Free SEMrush Books and Guides

SEMrush offers some of the best ebooks full with research and latest insights into the industry. 

Get these books and detailed guides offered officially by SEMrush for Free! (you don’t even have to be a member). 

If you have an eCommerce business or manage an eCom brand, grab this 11 Growth Tactics for your eCommerce business ebook to see the top SERP features that your business can benefit from.

The competitive research and market analysis guide offers you insights into researching new niche, analysing your competitors’ strategies, and much more. 

See the 25 content marketing tips that you can incorporate in your strategy this year. The checklist can help you identify key trends and best topics to write about and get started with crafting SEO-friendly content.  

If you are just getting started with SEMrush, this is a really useful guide to use alongside our exclusive extended trial. Sign up for SEMrush and go through this eBook to learn how use SEMrush toolkit and make most of your trial period.

The Competitor Analysis in Uncertain Times guide is aimed at marketers and business owners to help understand their competition better. Get the industry insights to inform your own data-driven digital strategy. 

Free SEMrush Courses

SEMrush has some of the best SEO, content marketing courses designed to help their users.  

As  a SEMrush partner, we encourage our users to use our links to get these SEMrush courses completely for FREE. These courses are far better to learn about their tool officially during your free trial period. 

Visit the SEMrush Academy to explore all digital marketing courses from SEMrush. They have high quality courses on several digital marketing topics from experts. 

The Keyword Research Course will teach you how to conduct keyword research, an essential SEO process within an hour. The course has eight video lessons and Greg uses SEMrush SEO tools to help you explain the concept and process. 

You can also get a SEMrush certificate by passing the Keyword Research exam following the course. 

SEMrush Coupon Code FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding SEMrush coupon codes. Please go through this page and the below answer and questions before contacting us for SEMrush discount codes.

Yes, SEMrush offers coupon codes and most of them are specific to websites for a limited time period. You can use our link for the best deal and the coupon code will be applied automatically.
All SEMrush coupon codes offer you an extended trial period. This is to provide you with extra time to get comfortable with their software and help you make the decision to continue with the subscription.
We haven’t seen many deals and promotions from SEMrush besides the site-specific coupon codes which allow extended trial period. We try to list all SEMrush deals and promotions on this page.

SEMrush Deal Summary

SEMrush usually offers 7-day free trial for their services You can use our discount coupon code link to enjoy an additional free week of SEMrush.

Get Extended SEMrush Trial (Exclusive)

We highly recommend SEMrush for your complete SEO needs. It is in fact one of the top used and recommended tools by any SEO pro.

The platform is a favourite tool of over six million users helping them monitor and improve their SEO, PPC, content, and social media activities.

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