WordPress 4.4 Release version pre


  1. will embed support excel tables??

    1. Avatar of Mansi Khurana Mansi Khurana says:

      Not Yet. I just updated 4.4 clifford and tried one spreadsheet embedding. But Failed

  2. Avatar of امازون امازون says:

    i update but i got many error , do i need to wait ?

    1. No, It should be working! Please let me know if you have any specific error that I can help you resolve.

  3. Avatar of Anastasiia Anastasiia says:

    Very nice article! I hope WordPress won’t have a lot of bugs, but if it will, here you have a lost of them:
    I hope it will be useful for you:)

  4. Avatar of HireWPGeeks HireWPGeeks says:

    Good job Pradeep. Really enjoyed reading your article as you have explained most of the features of WordPress clifford pretty well.

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