Twenty Sixteen – WordPress Theme for 2016 – First Look

Twenty Sixteen WordPress Theme 2016

The first preview of upcoming Twenty Sixteen, a default WordPress Theme for 2016 has been released. Follow this post to see what it looks like and everything you need to know about the default 2016 theme.

This post is only about the default WordPress Theme of 2016. You can see more trending WordPress themes of 2016 on ThemeForest here.

It’s been a week of WordPress 4.3 release, and we are already considering what’s upcoming in another major release of 4.4. WordPress 4.4 will be the final major release of this year and is scheduled towards the end of this year for December 2015.

Latest Update: WordPress 4.4 has now been released and comes with the Twenty Sixteen default WordPress theme.  See the below embedded post (another feature in WordPress 4.4) to find out all about the latest version.

WordPress 4.4 – Complete Guide to New Updates


Among all the on-going developments, one that will definitely ship along with the WordPress 4.4 release is the WordPress default theme for 2016.

Tammie Lister, head of the upcoming default WordPress theme for 2016, introduced Twenty Sixteen in one of the latest WordPress core blogs. Posting several screenshots of the theme, Lister termed Twenty Sixteen as a perfect fit for the default theme of 2016.

Twenty Sixteen features the design of Takashi Irie who was also behind the designs of Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen default themes. Irie along with Lister will be the core team responsible for the design of the new default WordPress theme.

Designer Takashi Irie introduces the Twenty Sixteen theme in the about section of the demo theme as;

Twenty Sixteen is a modernised approach of an ever-popular layout — a horizontal masthead and an optional right sidebar that works well with both blogs and websites. It has custom color options that allow you to make your own Twenty Sixteen.

The theme was designed on a harmonious fluid grid with a mobile first approach. This means it looks great on any device.

Download Twenty Sixteen WordPress Theme

Update 1st September

Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme is now available to download from both WordPress repository and Github. This is the first time a default WordPress theme has been developed on Github. You can download the Twenty Sixteen theme and get involved in contributing to WordPress.

Twenty Sixteen WordPress Theme Previews

Here’re few screenshots of the upcoming default theme of 2016. The screenshots have been posted by Tammie Lister and include previews of several possible layout, custom colours, and different screen sizes.

Alternatively, you can visit this link for a live preview of the theme.

Twenty Sixteen Theme Features

It might be too early to talk about the features, but some of them that stand out to me include,

  • Twenty Sixteen is built on mobile first approach and thus looks great on screens of all sizes.
  • Has a trendy one-column layout for content.
  • Also includes the optional right sidebar.
  • Multi-colour options available to make your own 2016 theme.
  • Ability to add an attention-seeking intro to each post with a custom excerpt.
  • Availability of two widget areas below the content area that you can use for promotions or any widgets that you want to draw the reader’s attention after finishing the post. You could, for example, use the widget area to provide subscribing options for your blog.

The final version of the theme will, of course, include several other features and updates incorporating the suggestions from the WordPress community in the upcoming months.

Contributing to the Twenty Sixteen Theme

If you want to contribute to the theme and its release, let the core team know about it in this post. You can also subscribe to the Make WordPress Core blog for updates on the process.

The core theme development team has invited all contributors to join in the weekly meetings every Monday and Friday 16:00 UTC (in #core-themes on Slack), after the initial code of the theme has been committed to the core.

Initial Thoughts

The theme looks clean, simple, and elegant. I really like the minimalistic approach of Twenty Sixteen.

As the theme will be shipping with WordPress 4.4 in 2016, it’s crucial that it should be appealing and easy to get started for the new users of WordPress.

I am sure Twenty Sixteen will be appreciated by many of the new users that will adopt and use WordPress for their first time.

As always, not everyone seems to be happy with the design of Twenty Sixteen. And I think, that’s okay.

Like Lance Willett mentions in this article, the default theme isn’t about being an end-all-be-all theme and that it won’t please everyone.

Apart from the cynical comments of the community, one request, however, sounds convincing to me – the possibility for the community to get involved earlier in the process of choosing design and theme. As Brian of Post Status adds to the discussion in core blog, “the process is so different than the rest of the WordPress development”.

What do you think of Twenty Sixteen? I would love to hear your thoughts about the default Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme in the comments below.


Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh is the founder and your host here at WPism. He is an entrepreneur and blogger living his startup life based in London and Cambridge. Follow him on Twitter or like his page on Facebook.
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14 Responses

  1. there is a defect in this theme complete post on the hompage and that makes the home page very long …….and there is no solution…….else design is good…..

    1. Use the more tag in your posts and it will display an excerpt. I really like this theme it looks like it will be very usable for most types of sites.

  2. Twenty Sixteen is indeed a nice WordPress theme, clean and modern look with perfect typography for bloggers. Some features which are missing in Twenty Sixteen like full width page template, footer widgets, removing the fixed background frame, Ad Slots etc can be found in Twenty Sixteen child theme, Brownie .

    I really like Twenty Sixteen design, just was looking out for some more basic features. Well, I did upload my logo too thru customizer in the child theme. Thanks for sharing, it is a good start for 2016 by WordPress team.

  3. hello… Please how do i add a logo to wordpress 2016 theme as it does not come with an option to do that in the customizer… thanks

  4. I really miss the ability to add my logo at the top along with the site title and tag line. Otherwise I like the theme. I imbedded it on the featured image but it is too low and there is a lot of white space at the top.

  5. Thanks for the ready made Child Theme. I am going to use it on my website. Twenty Sixteen looks better than fifteen considering the option to remove the sidebar.

  6. I am thinking of changing my theme to twenty sixteen bit it has some restrictions on customization that requires manual work. I hope I can spare 1 day for this.

  7. We are using Twenty Sixteen at NottinghamMD(dot)com and we really like it. It seems to be very user-friendly and easy to customize.

  8. I just recently downloaded the 20/16 theme and like it very much! I find it is easy to use and making any changes to the theme are not difficult.
    The excerpt intro for posts is on the features I like best. So far no issues or concerns…..very happy 10/10.

  9. hello dear developer,

    good day: i have some issues – i need a Troubleshooting: the new WordPress theme 2016 is missing the Sidebar and the center is tooo small:

    see the page:

    switched from twentyfourteen to twentysixteen – now i have missing sidebars and a too small content-area (in the middle of the site:)

    The missing sidebar problem is almost always caused by a recent change that ive made. Such a change may be the result of: A new theme – i switched to the twentysixteen – i have had the theme 2014 untill now.

    i skipped all the code that i have mentioned in the above posting. In other words – i have thrown away all the code – and have a empty css-widget.

    now i try to run the following code to approach the following goal: – see the left and the right side-column

    I tried to make a modification in the Twenty Sixteen theme with the following code:

    .sidebar {
    float: right;
    margin-left: -100%;
    max-width: 413px;
    position: relative;
    width: 14.4118%;

    .sidebar {>
    float: left;
    margin-right: -100%;
    max-width: 413px;
    position: relative;
    width: 14.4118%;

    but wait: the center area is way too small …
    i need to have a center area with a more wide …

    how to approach this? – see the page:

    love to hear from you
    thx in advance for every hint – and tipp.

    you can reach me via

    regards martin

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