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  1. Unable to change themes and add new plugins in wordpress 4.3
    Let me know more about this.

    1. Hi Chitra
      Can you be more specific about the problem? Why can’t you change themes and plugins after upgrading to WordPress 4.3? What error do you get?

  2. SIR my plugin tab is not show in dashboard of wordpress, what should i do to upload or add plugin in wordpress 4.3.

  3. My dashboard was changed from 2 column to 4 column today without my having changed anything. I no longer see this option available in Screen Options.

    Not sure why this happened as I THINK it was 2 columns five days ago when I updated my personal blog.

    Have not stated my website for obvious reasons. Should you need access, please send me a private email message and I shall GLADLY offer you temporary access to see what is causing this issue.

    Thank YOU in advance.

      1. You are correct, it IS happening in ALL my WordPress sites. However, I use a desktop to access ALL websites and NEVER mobile. So, unless the change happened in v4.3 (on August 18), I am totally confused. I truly believed that my personal blog had only 2 columns in the Dashboard when I signed in to add a new post 6 days ago now, but I could be mistaken on this date. Previous to v4.3, I KNOW my wp sites displayed 2 columns, as I removed all the clutter in ALL Dashboards after the updating to v4.2.4 took place.

        I will heed your suggestion and leave well enough alone, but I’m disappointed in being forced by these wp standards.

        Thank YOU for your prompt, informative reply.

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