WordPress 4.5 Download Latest Version


  1. Really a Great article. It becomes more useful as you have included the images and videos which can easily show what the new feature is all about. I just want to ask one thing, is there any update which can help wordpress website load faster? As you know worpress websites do have many plugins which make it very slow to load a website, if there any special feature that make the speed faster?

    1. Hi Ashish,
      WordPress on its own, on a good host can load really fast.
      So, the first thing is to use a good WordPress hosting and then focus on other optimization stuff.
      I understand too many plugins can slow your website. You can use well-written plugins and limit to only those that you really need the most.
      Other than that, using some kind of caching option and investing in a good CDN can help with your website speed.

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