Chrome Not Secure bar remove how to WordPress


  1. Thank you Pradeep, this is a very useful guide and I will direct others here who need info on the importance of SSL!
    You mention a lot of companies that offer SSL for free, which is actually quite rare. I will say though that these companies offer only 1 SSL for free, and they usually only offer 1 website with their hosting too (this is true of Bluehost and WP Engine).
    I would like to suggest that you investigate WPX Hosting, because they seem to be the only host that offers unlimited and free SSL Certificates (and offer multiple sites with all plans). Have you heard of them? I would be interested to read your thoughts on them in a future article.

    Thanks again for the concise guide here; looking forward to more!

  2. There is another way! For now Chrome only detects passwords and credit card fields. Of course if you are transmitting credit card data SSL/https is a requirement in most cases to comply with PCI. And that is something that gets passed to third parties so encryption makes sense.

    But if I am a user logging into a site with just a password field for instance a website owner that has a login to my backend and the site isn’t using https this does not mean it’s not secure! As long as I am using a secure network my information is encrypted. If however I am using public wifi or some other untrusted joined network that is when things become not secure and it’s good practice to not use public wifi or you will get yourself hacked regardless if you visiting sites that are https. So the fact that Google and other browsers are warning people about non secure website isn’t really true and some what misleading.

    Now until Google and other browsers goes full blown with all http sites displaying a message of being not secure you can actually as a developer use a simple trick, instead of setting the input type to password, set it to text and then use css to have a font family of “dots”. This will display exactly how a password field does but get rid of that pesky notice of site not being secure.

  3. Thanks for a detailed explanation.
    I still don’t understand why is my website flagged with not secure, even though it doesn’t have any input fields. I have another similar website hosted with the same company, and that one is not flagged at all. I also have a free wordpress blog, and that one is flagged as well. Should I buy SSL for my free wordpress site as well? What’s going on with this?


  4. Avatar of Healthy guruji Healthy guruji says:

    This is a great help. I was worried about my site showing not ‘secure warning’. For the time I shall go with free SSL certificate.
    Thanks once again

  5. Avatar of deborah barlow deborah barlow says:

    I cannot remore a ! not secure from tab

  6. Avatar of Gaurav Maniar Gaurav Maniar says:

    The only way to get rid of that “Not Secure” indicator is to replace it with a “Secure” One is to install SSL and serve your website via HTTPS. If you have not already added an SSL Certificate to your site its time to as google is now issuing security warning for website which is still served over HTTP.

  7. I have changed chrome flags and still get the message. I want Chrome to stop slowing my brosing down with these dumb messages. Any further recommendations to circumvent the warning and go to the site?

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