Elementor Pro Pricing and Features - Overview

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Elementor is a powerful page builder used by millions of WordPress users. See the detailed Elementor pro pricing and features and decide if it’s worth upgrading to their pro version. 

Features ☆ 4.9

Elementor Pro comes with powerful widgets and more features are regularly updated.

Price ☆ 4.9

The highest tier Expert subscription plan is the most cost effective plan for multiple websites.

Support ☆ 5.0

A premium 24/7 support comes included with the Elementor Pro plugin, useful for beginners.

Overall ☆ 4.9

We use Elementor pro on our website and are are big fans ourselves - highly recommended.

Elementor is one of the most popular page builders used by millions of WordPress users.

We have reviewed the main features of the Elementor in our previous post. In this post, we will look the features and pricing of the Elementor pro version to help you decide if it’s worth upgrading to the pro version. 

Elementor Pro’s ‘Plus’ plans allows up to 3 websites and their highest tier ‘Expert’ plan allows up to 1,000 websites. 

You can learn more about the Elementor Pro version and why it’s worth upgrading in the rest of this article.

See our Elementor Resources page for more find more tools and resources to make most out of Elementor. 

Quick Overview of Elementor Pro

We have a comprehensive Elementor guide covering everything about the page builder but here are some of the main features of the pro version to help you quickly learn about the plugin.

Powerful Theme Builder

Themes are essential components of WordPress websites and Elementor is making them obsolete.

With its powerful theme building capabilities which lets you build your own header, footer and others, you can quickly build a unique theme that meets your needs.

Elementor also works along with Gutenberg editor and there are ways you can use Elementor Widgets in Gutenberg editor with the pro version. 

50+ Advanced Widgets

The Elementor Pro version comes with more than 50 advanced widgets that extend the capabilities of page builder with powerful advanced features. These include features such as the ability to add animations, motion effects and many other design features with the same drag and drop functionality.

Some of the other advanced widgets introduce features such as parallax and mouse effects.

Pop-Up Builder

The pro version of Elementor also has a powerful pop-ups builder which can easily replace your existing premium plugin for pop-ups. Most blogs use pop-up builder plugins to build subscribers list for their blogs by collecting email from their visitors.

Elementor Pro includes pop-up building capabilities in the same drag and drop format helping you fully design the pop-ups the way you want.

Popular Marketing Integrations

The premium version of the page builder lets you integrate with many other marketing tools such as your email marketing providers and social networking sites.

There are also built-in integrations with other popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Yoast, ACF and many more.

Contact Forms

Ability to add and design forms is another big feature of  the Elementor pro version. The built-in feature allows you to add contact forms replacing the need to install any other plugins.

Besides, with powerful integrations with other marketing tools, you can use the form builder to build all kinds of forms.

Elementor Pro vs Free Features

Although the free version does most of the page builder tasks, you miss out on several of the advanced capabilities.

Here’s a short list of the different features included in Elementor Pro compared to the free plugin.

Please see our Elementor review page if you are interested in learning about more features.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor has three main pricing tiers based on their subscription plans including Personal, Plus, and Expert.

The Personal plan is the cheapest option that allows the installation of Elementor Pro on a single WordPress website.

You can see all three subscription plans in the preview below. Visit Elementor pricing page to see the latest plans and prices accordingly. 

Elementor Pro Plans

Personal, Plus and Expert
$ 49-199 per year
  • Personal Plan - 1 site - $49 Per Year
  • Plus Plan - 3 sites - $99 Per Year
  • Expert Plan - 1,000 sites - $199 Per Year
PRO version

We highly recommend the pro version of the Elementor plugin. we have been using the pro version on this website and this page was also built entirely using Elementor. 

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