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  1. I have used a number of page builders, Elementor is the most user-friendly, feature rich and fastest builder.

  2. Avatar of JoshPress JoshPress says:

    Thanks for the review.
    I installed Elementor and I am so happy! the UI is so intuitive and friendly!
    I feel like It’s set me free of the boundaries of wordpress. I can now focus on design and I don’t need to worry about all the technical difficulties.

    Great plugin! thanks!

  3. Avatar of M Aswad Mehtab M Aswad Mehtab says:

    I am a Graphics Designer ,Thing I am Worried about is impact of On Page SEO , Will the Google be able to rank pages built with this builder ? I have Built a service page for Logo & Branding . but I don’t know if that works for SEO purposes . Can anyone knows about this ?

    1. I’ve setup a domain just for wordpress themes and plugins testings.
      I created a page using an entire ready made Elementor Template and tested it with Seositecheckup.
      Aparentlyy everything is ok with elementor. The issues that the tool pointed, are easy to adjust and they are not Elementor’s fault.
      You can see mat site (and maybe teste it).

  4. I am highly impressed with Elementor. I am first time website creator and was looking for a content builder that is easy to use, provides large number of widgets and puts less load on server. Elementor was able to achieve all these. Highly recommendable for all the website creators.

  5. Hello.

    Elementor leaves shortcodes when I delete the plugin? or works with html as page builder siteorigin?.

    Thank you.

  6. Hello,
    does anyone know how to add a form method=POST action and input values to the button widget? i want to setup a simple landing page for a captive portal wifi and in the button i want to send the hidden credentials ? Is it’s possible?
    kind regards

  7. Hi ,

    I have observed that this post uses Table of Contents plus plugin to incorporate TOC….

    I tried to use the same plugin with Elementor by incorporating the shortcode “[toc]” in the shortcode element of Elementor…The problem I m facing is the page is getting bloated and subsequent editing of the page is responding with 503 status….Donno why….

    Whats the correct way to incorporating Table of Content in Elementor and I also wanted to incorporate Tables in Elementor edited page…Can you help me or direct me to the resources for the same.

    Also would it be a good practice to incorporate the Blog Posts’ content in Elementor ( and not wordpress editor) or shall the page builder be used mostly for landing pages.


  8. I LOVE using Elementor and don’t want to give it up…BUT…

    I desperately want to use an excerpt on my home page, NOT THE WHOLE POST!

    I have installed Press Elements in order to use excerpts but, it seems, I’m not doing what I need to do to use it!! ?????

    ALSO… Press Elements allows a comment section on the bottom of the post. Well, it appears on some posts, but not all.


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