CSS – Cascading Stylesheets Basics

CSS WordPress Glossary Cascading Stylesheets Basics

CSS or Cascading Stylesheets is one of the core technologies used on websites to style and lay out pages. It is a presentation language for the content on web pages.

Learning Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) basics can be useful to customise the overall look and design of your WordPress website. It can help you customise your WordPress themes and make some minor tweaks to the design.

Follow this quick basic guide to CSS to understand the basics of the language and continue your CSS learning journey using the amazing resources around the web.

CSS Basics – Introducing CSS

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is one of the core languages that power your website.

CSS is a style sheet language that helps you add presentation styles to your website. It’s responsible for the presentation layer of your website.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the major technologies that run the web.

  • HTML – Markup Language
  • CSS – Style-sheet Language

While HTML helps you define the structure of your website, CSS helps you to add styling and presentation to the structure.

CSS was introduced in HTML4 to solve the styling problems and made it possible to separate the presentation layer from the content layer. Keeping the style separate from content makes it easier to maintain a large number of web pages.

CSS provides web designers and developers with a greater flexibility to build websites.

CSS 3, the latest version of CSS and has introduced many in-browser designs such as box shadows, gradients, animations and new layout options.

CSS Learning Resources

Mozilla Developer Network, Web Platform Docs, and W3C are the most useful CSS resources with learning tutorials and documentation on the CSS topics. These useful websites can also act as your reference websites and free you from memorizing every single CSS property.

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) from Mozilla foundations maintains an exhaustive list of reference for every property and concept of CSS.

Visit Mozilla Developer Network

Web Platform Docs – WebPlatform.org

A community driven website for learning and contributing to topics on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from the World Wide Web Consortium.

Visit WebPlatform.org

W3C – Official Standards

W3c develops and maintains the official standard of CSS. Most of the information catered to the browser developers and those looking to maintain official compatibility with the language.

Visit W3C Standard Page

I hope you now know the basics of CSS and exploring the resources mentioned above!

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Pradeep Singh

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