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A Terms – WordPress Glossary

WordPress Terms starting with A

Absolute Path

Absolute Path, commonly referred to as file path and full path, is a path to the location of a file or directory on a local computer or file system.

Absolute URI

Absolute Path, commonly referred to as file path and full path, is a path to the location of a file or directory on a local computer or file system.


Action is a term relevant to development in WordPress which refers to a PHP function. The WordPress core software has several points where ‘Actions’ get executed and developers build custom actions to alter the way original action works. 

Admin Bar

Admin Bar refers to the Toolbar you see on the front end of your WordPress website when you’re logged in. It can be enabled or disabled in your profile settings here – WordPress Dashboard > Users > Your Profile.


Ajax refers to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and is a web development technique used by the WordPress application to speed up certain client-side tasks. 


Apache refers to ‘Apache HTTP Server Project’ and is one of the most widely used web server software. 


API refers to ‘application programming interface’ and is a connection between computer programs. WordPress API in such context refers to the WordPress Application Programming Interface. Also, see the WordPress REST API. 


An array refers to a data structure in programming and consists of a list of items such as numeric or string values, each identified by at least one array index or key. 


The term ASCII refers to American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a code that represents characters using numbers. In terms of WordPress, the content isn’t solely restricted to ASCII and includes other Unicode characters.


Autosave is a process in WordPress that automatically saves your posts and pages as you are editing them. The process saves your work every 2 minutes and is only limited to one copy in the WordPress database. 


An avatar is an image or any other graphic illustration that represents a user. WordPress uses Gravatar service to help users represent themselves with an avatar. 

B Terms – WordPress Glossary

WordPress Terms starting with B

Back End

The Back End is commonly referred to as the WordPress Administration area that can only be accessed by authorised people such as Admin, Authors, or Contributors. Users will need to sign in to access the Back End area of the WordPress website. 


Binaries are compiled programs that can be installed without having to compile the source code. You can access the pre-compiled binaries for open source software like WordPress. 


Blog, a shortened version of “weblog”, is a regularly updated website or web page. Both individuals and organisations publish blogs. 


Blogging refers to the act of writing and publishing blogs. It’s what you’re doing when publishing blogs using WordPress.


Blogosphere refers to the world of blogs. The entire community of blogs and bloggers can be called a Blogosphere. 


A blogroll is a group of links to other blogs or websites. WordPress previously had a set of links as a default blogroll. 


A bookmarklet is a link or a bookmark with JavaScript code behind it instead of a web address. 


A Boolean is a programming term and refers to a binary variable that can either be 0 (false) or 1 (true).

E Terms – WordPress Glossary

WordPress Terms starting with E


The editor refers to the user role defined in the WordPress user management system. It can also refer to the WordPress Editor, which is used to edit posts and pages. 


An Excerpt is a summary or description of a post that is entered by the WordPress user in the Excerpt field. 

J Terms – WordPress Glossary

WordPress Terms starting with J


JavaScript is one of the programming languages used in the development of WordPress software. 


jQuery is a feature-rich JavaScript library that WordPress developers use to add functionalities.  

P Terms – WordPress Glossary

WordPress Terms starting with P


Patterns are pre-designed layouts of blocks that can be inserted and customised in the WordPress editor. WordPress has an official Patterns directory listing several categories such as Buttons, Columns, Gallery, Header, Text Patterns and more.  Learn more about WordPress Patterns.

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If you are just getting started with WordPress, learning the terms and topics can accelerate the learning process. 

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