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BionicWP is one of the new players in the managed WordPress hosting niche. As the hosting provider is gaining traction recently, we bring this introductory BionicWP review to help you quickly understand what they offer along with an overview of some of their main features.

BionicWP hosting offers a fully managed WordPress hosting solution. It offers both server and application-level support with multiple tier pricing packages.

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BionicWP's hosting stack is based on the Google Cloud infrastructure – mainly the Google Cloud C2 high compute instance servers. On top of the IaaS, the hosting provider offers an ideal WordPress installation stack including Nginx, Linux Containers, with the latest version of the PHP framework. 

BionicWP has tried to simplify the website management process through its intuitive platform and lots of integrated features. From site management to WordPress plugins, to site speed, everything is available on the single platform helping simplify the entire WordPress hosting and site management process.

Let's get started by looking at how you can create a new account and launch your website on BionicWP.

Getting Started with BionicWP

It's really easy to create an account and get started with the BionicWP platform.

  • Head over to the BionicWP website.
  • Click on Start Free Trial. 
  • Add the necessary details and complete the sign-up process.
  • Make sure to select the addons you want to be installed when you are setting up your website or migrating it
  • Don't forget to use our exclusive BionicWP coupon code ‘WPISM50‘ to get $50 credits added to your account.

The trial is completely free for all addons for seven days only. So, you can test them too. 

BionicWP Installation Start

Once you have signed up successfully, you will be taken to the platform homepage screen.

BionicWP WordPress managed hosting solution will ask you to either migrate your website to the hosting solution or launch a new website.

You can also migrate your website to BionicWP for absolutely free. If you need help in migration simply contact the support team.

Let's launch a new website for the purpose of this tutorial. We already filled in the details when launching a site. Our site will be ready in a minute.

BionicWp review sites number

Our site is now live and you will see it available on the platform. 

BionicWp review total websites

If we had a site in a staging environment, it would have been shown under the ‘Staging Sites' heading. Currently, we have only one website hosted on BionicWP managed platform.

We can check the website by visiting it through the URL available under the site name. 

BionicWP Website Installed Name Review

We have the latest WordPress 2020 theme installed on the website and we can make any changes from the WordPress admin dashboard.

It is time to check how many plugins do we have to update on our website. BionicWP dashboard tells us that we have to update the theme and WordPress core as well.

BionicWP WordPress Performance Management Review

The best part about BionicWP WordPress managed hosting solution is that we can update all these directly from the hosting panel. 

BionicWP WordPress managed hosting solution review

We can check the same from the WordPress dashboard. Head over to the BionicWP menu button in the WordPress dashboard. Since you have installed the WordPress core from BionicWP, the Bionic panel comes pre-installed.

BionicWP Panel review

We can also manage site cache, CDN, and put the site on maintenance mode by using the BionicWP menu.

BionicWP WordPress Control Panel

Wouldn't it be cool to analyze your entire website health on your hosting platform iteself?. With BionicWP, you get to keep an eye on your website health with a single view of everything.

When you visit the application control panel available in BionicWP, you will see the site details, database details, and even the site update details.

BionicWP WordPress Control Panel review

Moreover, your website speed and load time are also visible on the screen so that you can check if your site is performing according to your desired speed.

BionicWP website speed insights review

BionicWP also offers complete control of the SSH/FTP to every user. Those who want to get root access to their server instance can get it by creating a username and password for SSH connection.

You can also manage the WordPress database from the BionicWP application control panel. 

BionicWP WordPress Performance Optimisation

BionicWP offers a separate tab to manage WordPress website performance. You can enable the BionicWP CDN, site SSL, and Hyperspeed powered by Nitropack (one can be enabled at a time).

Hyper Performance on BionicWP review

Combined, all these help improve the performance of your website. We have all the necessary speed optimizations enabled on the website for this test.

How Fast is BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting?

Now that we have provided an overview of the BionicWP hosting panel, you must be wondering how fast my BionicWP website actually is. So, I did some tests on the site and here are the results.

Fast BionicWP WordPress Hosting speedinsights review

The speed on both mobile and desktop is 100/100 on the Google Pagespeed Insights tool.

Fast BionicWP WordPress Hosting speedinsights mobile review

Sweet, isn't it? BionicWP delivered on its promise and the website speed was just as it had said, a 90+ score on the speed testing tool.

Now let's learn more about BionicWP features and how they make it one of the best WordPress managed solutions available in the market.

BionicWP Hosting Features

From site management to site edits, BionicWP has a lot of features that you might want to find in a hosting platform.

Managed Hosting Experience

For starters, you will get a truly managed hosting experience with BionicWP WordPress managed hosting that too at the same rates as any other hosting solution that only offers server-level support.

With BionicWP, you will get both server-level and application-level support and also weekly monitoring of your website. BionicWP acts as your system admin, a hosting solution provider, and a virtual assistant for the hosted websites.

Unlimited Site Edits

If your regular job is to edit listings on your website and that takes your whole time, then the unlimited site edits feature by BionicWP is surely going to help you.

They have simplified the way truly managed hosting works by adding the WordPress website editing feature. At this time, no other hosting solution is offering this feature at all. Some website hosting solutions do offer plugin updates but the unlimited site edits feature is still not offered by any except BionicWP.

BionicWP unlimited site edits package comes for $25 as a paid add-on with your hosting package. In the package, the support team can do unlimited 30-minute site edits on your site.

Fully White Labeled Hosting Solution

WordPress agencies and WordPress support experts are looking for hosting solutions that they can sell to their clients. If the hosting solution is not white-labelled, they can't private label it and sell it under their own brand. BionicWP has made that easier for all these WordPress agency owners.

They can easily buy the white-label hosting solution and sell it to their clients. BionicWP support team will take care of the support. The clients of the agency owner won't know that the hosting solution is offered by BionicWP at any point of the contact cycle.

Support for Agency Owners

BionicWP offers a lot of website management features that make the life of agency owners easier – from website white label hosting to unlimited site edits to constant site monitoring.

These are just some of the features that help agencies focus on their core business, acquiring new customers, and helping them grow and scale. With BionicWP's help, these website agencies can easily do that without much hassle.

BionicWP Performance Review

Let's look at the performance of BionicWP managed hosting solution to see why it can be a better hosting solution.

High Google PageSpeed Insights Score

Unlike many other website hosting solutions, BionicWP actually offers a page speed score guarantee. If users are not able to get 90+ Google page speed, BionicWP won't change anything from them. It does that by offering them a free trial before they buy the product.

With the “Try Before You Buy” offer, Bionic users can actually see what speed they will get once the website is on the new hosting solution. The support staff of BionicWP will create a staging instance of their website and test it with GTMetrix and show that the page speed has increased to a 90+ page speed score.

Increased Conversion Rates

With better performance, BionicWP users get better conversion rates. According to Google, the conversion rate drops by 10 percent for every second lost in page load time. With a GTMetrix score of 90+, the page score of the website is automatically under 3 seconds. 

Moreover, since speed directly relates to site traffic, users are bound to get more visitors to their websites.

Premium Tier Bandwidth 

BionicWP uses Google C2 High Compute instance servers for hosting user websites. These high compute servers are those where Google hosts its own applications. So, you can imagine how fast these servers are going to be.

With specs going up to 128GB Ram and 32 core CPU, these servers are one of the fastest performance servers available in the market. 

Super-fast Hosting Stack

BionicWP combines its high compute servers with Nginx, FCGI, LXD containers, MariaDB, and PHP 7.4 to create a super-fast hosting stack for its users.

This is the complete secret sauce for BionicWP based websites. With this secret recipe, BionicWP doubles every site's performance and improves page load time.

BionicWP Security Review

While BionicWP is fast, it still doesn't compromise site security. And, that is why it offers malware and trojan protection, hack security, and regular site backups as and when needed.

Moreover, users can opt for IP-whitelisting, bot-blocking, and a lot more features.

One-click Malware Scanning 

With BionicWP, users don't have to worry about malware and trojan issues on their websites ever. Because it offers automated daily scans for malware on user websites. If any malware/virus/trojan is found on the user website, it is automatically removed.

Moreover, users can also scan their own websites directly from the hosting dashboard. They will just have to head over to the application-layer control panel and click on ‘Start Scan'. 

WAF Firewall 

BionicWP also offers a Website Application Firewall (WAF). With this technology, users get a firewall that protects their websites from all types of malware and trojan based attacks. It also allows them to closely monitor their website's health.

Further, BionicWP ensures that user's websites get complete WAF protection, cross-site scripting security, DDoS attack protection, and SQL injection resistance.

Hack Restore Promise

Hacking is another major issue that surrounds the digital world. Many websites lose significant amount due to hacking and that's where BionicWP hack security comes in. It has promised to all its users that if their websites are compromised by any means, it will get their websites restored with minimum downtime. 

BionicWP offers a 30-day backup period. So, users can ask for their websites to be restored to any day within the last 30-day period.

Site Management & Maintenance

In a truly managed WordPress hosting offering, providing quality site management and maintenance is the first thing on the plate. Moreover, it should be noted that site management doesn't only pertain to core and plugin updates, instead it encompasses full-sphere website maintenance and edits. That's where BionicWP makes a difference.

Core, Theme, & Plugins Updates

BionicWP offers core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates all at once for its user websites. While some other hosting solutions might provide plugin updates in a staging environment for extra charges, BionicWP does it all for free. They claim to make users free of the burden of managing websites once and for all.

Frequent Speed Monitoring

BionicWP offers weekly website speed monitoring reports to its users. Its support team is constantly monitoring the websites of its customers for performance issues.

If they find any, they solve them automatically. They then note it down and add it to the weekly report that is sent to the customer for reference.

Unlimited Site Edits

Looking to add a new banner to your website? Or, to change the CTA on your home page? Not liking a widget? Want it disabled?

All these site edits can be done by the BionicWP support team. In fact, these unlimited site edits are part of their core service (pay $25/per month extra only). And this cost can be justified considering that with unlimited site edits you can easily double your order volume and site revenue. So, in the end, it is just benefiting your business.

Staging Environment

Making changes on live websites can directly impact the user experience. Good hosting solution providers offer staging areas where developers can easily test website functionalities before making them part of the live website. 

BionicWP staging environment allows you to easily create clones of your website and make necessary changes to it. BionicWP also allows you to directly add content to the site through FTP or through Github. 

So, you just have to be satisfied with the alterations that you just made. Next, you can test them on alpha and beta trials and roll out the final version on the live site.

Testing BionicWP Performance & Security

We have already tested BionicWP performance on Google Page Speed insights. Since Google is not the only testing platform available, it would be better if we do a complete website speed analysis as it would help you decide if the BionicWP website hosting solution would be the right hosting solution for your business.

BionicWP Speed Testing on Pingdom

First I will test the website on Pingdom. Pingdom is one of the most used speed testing tools available in the market. It can check for page load time, speed, page size, and server requests. 

Note: I have not enabled the Nitropack and BionicWP CDN yet on the hosting.

Server: Washington D.C

Fast BionicWP WordPress Hosting pingdom review

BionicWP Pingdom Testing With Nitropack Enabled

Now I will enable Nitropack on my website and test the site performance again.

Fast BionicWP WordPress Hosting pingdom nitropack review

Adding Nitropack increased the website performance by six points, as can be seen under the ‘performance grade' menu.

For beginners who are looking for WordPress performance hosting solutions, this looks like a great score, to begin with.

BionicWP Site Performance Testing on GTMetrix

Let's test our website performance on GTMetrix. For those of you who don't know about GTMetrix, it is a complete website performance audit tool that checks site issues to a granular level. It is also recommended by many top website hosting companies as the go-to tool for speed and performance tests of a website.

Let's test the BionicWP website on this speed testing tool.

We haven't enabled Nitropack on it yet so the speed result below shows the website performance without it.

Fast BionicWP WordPress Hosting pingdom gtmetrix review

Now let's test again after enabling Nitropack on the website.

Fast BionicWP WordPress Hosting pingdom gtmetrix nitropack review

As you can see, LCP has decreased even further by enabling the cache. So, Nitropack did their trick!

BionicWP Security Testing

We will be using the Quttera security testing tool to scan for any malware/trojan are on the server.

The test will also check for security vulnerabilities on both PHP framework and WordPress CMS.

BionicWP Security Testing review

As you can see, the security scan shows everything as clean on the server.

BionicWP Pricing

BionicWP Hosting has a very simple approach to pricing. You can see the BionicWP pricing and plans as per your requirements on their homepage.

BionicWP Pricing Review Single Site

A single website price on BionicWP is $27.5. The price is already competitive than most other managed hosting solutions.

Besides, when you add more sites, the total price starts to decrease even further. So, let's say you have a single website for $27.5 on BionicWP for 5GB disk space and 50GB CDN bandwidth. This can allow for 28,000 visitors per day at max.

As you can see fro their pricing slider, if you add five websites to your hosting package, the price for a single website decreases to $22.5 per month for a single website.  

Consider the bulk pricing, while BionicWP WordPress hosting solution is a great host for individual websites, it is even better for businesses having multiple websites or for WordPress agencies.

To sum up, there are no hidden charges and no hourly rates that escalate with time, and no surge pricing. You get a single website for only $27.5. If you want to add more sites, the cost of each website hosting will decrease even further.

You can see the additional features that you require and pricing plans accordingly on their website.

See Plans and Pricing

Our BionicWP Review Summary

Overall, BionicWP is an excellent choice for managed WordPress hosting. No wonder the hosting provider is already chosen by over thousands website owners and agencies.

With several intuitive features and a free trial, give it a try and experience the BionicWP's hosting yourself.

BionicWP Review homepage

Get Started with BionicWP

This is a basic BionicWP review to introduce the BionicWP hosting platform and its main features.

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