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NitroPack is a cloud-based performance optimization service that helps you easily optimize your website and serve them from cloud-based CDN for faster loading times. Use our exclusive NitroPack coupon code to get the best deal available when you sign up. | NitroPack coupon Code: WPISM5

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Website performance optimization has been a major issue lately with both Google and users expecting faster loading times for websites. NitroPack aims to help users solve such website optimization and page speed problems with their lightweight solution.

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Continue reading to get a quick overview of NitroPack, learn about their pricing plans and how to apply our exclusive coupon if you decide to sign up for their pro plans.

NitroPack Pricing Plans

NitroPack has adopted a freemium approach to their pricing plans. Their free plan is however mainly designed for testing purposes and has limitations in pageviews and bandwidth for your optimised cached version of the website.

Besides several limitations in the free version, they also place a NitroPack badge in the footer of your website which doesn’t look that great for your live website branding.

The best option is to get started with NiroPack’s most basic plan (if you have under 50K pageviews) and upgrade according to your needs.

Here’s a quick overview of NitoPack Pricing plans to help you quickly decide the best plan for your website.

NitroPack Pricing mainly depends on the number of page views and the bandwidth you are allocated under each plan on a monthly basis.

Overview of NitroPack Pricing Plans in details – Dropdown. 

NitroPack Overview

NitroPack makes it incredibly easy to achieve optimal optimization by letting users select from just a handful of options and doing all the work on their part.

Their tool performs all sorts of optimisation including image optimization, code minification, caching, CDN, lazy loading, and much more.

NitroPack has dedicated extensions for WordPress and WooCommerce (NitroPack plugin), OpenCart, and Magento websites. They also have an API and PHP SDK for websites that are custom-built or using other platforms.

One thing to note is that if you are already using some other cache plugin (such WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache), you might have to disable it before using NitroPack plugin.

As Nitropack essentially does the same thing, you don’t need to install multiple plugins. You should also disable other plugins you might be using for image optimisation as NitroPack also takes care of that.

NitroPack Features and Offers

NitroPack has tons of features and benefits making it a complete optimisation plugin for your website. They might replace the need for several other plugins that most WordPress users have installed on their websites.

Here are some of the major features of NitroPack that make it an outstanding choice for your optimisation needs.

  • Unique cloud-based performance optimization solution
  • Really Simple Setup and configuration offering an easy installation process
  • Can be set up without the need for any technical knowledge or complications
  • Compatibility for eCommerce (WooCommerce users) and Multilingual support
  • Integration with other popular tools such as Cloudflare and Sucuri
  • Uses Amazon’s CloudFront based service to serve static assets from a CDN
You can learn more about these features in details in our comprehensive NitroPack review.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

NitroPack is fully confident that you will like their services. If the service doesn’t work out for your needs, you can ask for a 100% refund within the 14 days of signing up.

The 14-day period can also be a useful offer to sign up and test their premium plan instead of using the freemium plan.

Expert support for Speed Issues

It’s very difficult to get support on technical issues especially related to speed and optimisation without having to hire a developer. NitroPack’s expert support team are able to help and offer support with technical site speed queries.

As they have technical experts for all of their supported platforms, the support and answers will be specific to your website and platform.

Complete Image Optimization

NitroPack takes complete care of your image optimization needs saving you from having to sign up for another premium image optimisation service.

It does everything you would expect for a premium image optimisation plugin to do including Lossy and lossless image compression, WebP conversion, lazy loading and much more.

How to apply NitroPack Coupon Code?

Making use of our NitroPack coupon code is really easy when you sign up for NitroPack plans as a new user. Follow the steps  in details below;

Step 1: Use our exclusive link and navigate to the pricing page of NitroPack and decide on the plan that you want to sign up for. (The prices are cheaper if you sign up for yearly plans)

Step 2: Click on Get Started under the plan that you want to sign up for. 

Step 3:  In the next checkout page, you will see the option to enter the coupon code on your right. (If the NitroPack coupon code isn’t applied automatically, you will see the “Have a coupon code?” link below your total amount.) 

Step 4: Enter our exclusive NitroPack coupon – wpism5 and click on apply to get the discount. 

The coupon code might be applied already. If not enter our exclusive code to see the discount reflected. See the discount with 1,000,000 Pageviews Subscription, for example! 

Nitropack discount coupon code applied preview

As you can see in the screenshot, you will be able to get the NitroPack discount with your plan applying our exclusive coupon code.

NitroPack Coupon FAQs

Please refer to these FAQs about NitroPack and using the coupon code before getting in touch with us. 

What is NitroPack?

NitroPack is a powerful cloud-based optimisation service that can help improve your page speed and website performance. 

Does NitroPack offer a free Trial?

NitroPack doesn’t offer a free trial but you get 14-Day money-back guarantee if you decide that NitroPack doesn’t suit your needs. They also have a free plan that you can try.  

How do I get NitroPack Coupon deal?

We have partnered with NitroPack to bring an exclusive discount for our WPism users. Use the coupon code wpism5 to get the best discount available on your checkout page.

NitroPack includes everything you need in a speed optimisation service for your website and is worth giving it a try. Their complete innovative technology packed with hundreds of impressive features make it a powerful optimisation service. 

Get in touch with us if you need any assistance using the NitroPack coupon code or signing up with NitroPack. 

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