WordPress 4.6 - New Version Release


  1. Hi –

    Hope you can point me in the right direction, perhaps.

    I updated WordPress to 4.6 yesterday.

    Everything looked OK until I went to insert a few new photos into a post I’m working on.

    1. I can no longer resize them (I used to be able to pull the image at the corners into a larger or smaller size)

    2. The image plops in within its already-determined size

    3. When I “save” the post in order to “preview” it, the image disappears!

    I’ve also tried going back into old posts that have either:

    a) already been long-saved OR
    b) already been published… and I cannot edit the photos to resize them either – like I used to be able to (e.g. pulling the image at the corners to enlarge, shrink, etc.)

    Is this just a new update to WordPress’ handling of media files that happened with the latest update?

    And if so, why would they disappear when I go to “save” and then “preview?”

    Note that I’m not savvy in code or anything, so the most simplistic answer is best. Thanks for your advisement, if able.

  2. Avatar of Tracey Jones Tracey Jones says:

    Great updates! I have updated more than 25 WordPress sites/blogs, no problem so far. Thanks to WP community who updated this version.

  3. after update wp to 4.6 my site not loading or not even opening. i think their is some problem in server or wp. need help…

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