WordCamp Europe 2016 to take place in Vienna, Austria

WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna Austria

WordCamp Europe 2016 has been scheduled to take place in Vienna, Austria on 24th – 26th of June 2016. The announcement comes as of closing at the second day of WordCamp Europe 2015 currently taking place in Seville, Spain.

One of the largest WordCamps, WordCamp Europe 2016 will be the fourth WordCamp covering the pan-European region. WordCamp Europe is held in a different city every year and the organising team invites applications each year from different cities around the Europe that want to host the event.

Why Vienna, Austria for WordCamp Europe 2016?

The organising team has revealed their insights into the application and selection process in a latest blog post justifying their decision to select Vienna as the host city.

Three applications from cities including Vienna, Bratislava, and Berlin were received for the process that invited application for six weeks starting from March of 2015. The applications were then reviewed based on several criteria including experience and presence of local organisers, location factors, venue and accommodation details, and the budget figures.

According to the organisers, two cities Vienna and Bratislava stood out amongst the criteria and were considered for the process. Vienna was selected considering a better preparedness from the organising team in terms of venue and the overall event. Further, the organisers revealed that they strategically choose Vienna over Bratislava as they were only 60 kilometres apart and such close proximity could help with the cross-community building.

Congratulations to the WordPress Vienna team for being the host for 2016!

Hosting WordCamp 2016 would be definitely challenging for Vienna, especially as the event grows bigger and bigger every year. Nonetheless, it would be a remarkable experience for the local WordPress community.

I look forward attending the WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna!

What are your thoughts on Vienna as the host for WordCamp Europe 2016?

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Pradeep Singh
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