Didn’t make it to WordCamp Europe 2015? Watch Live Videos here

WordCamp Europe 2015 Live Videos

Didn’t make it to the WordCamp Europe 2015 in person? You can still join the live event here and watch the videos from the WordCamp.

WordCamp Europe 2015 is taking place this year on 26 – 28th June 2015 in beautiful Seville, south of Spain. The contributor day, one of the highlights of WordCamp, is taking place on Sunday, June 28th.

You can watch the live videos from the event by registering for free on the WordCamp Europe website. As the live videos are streamed from youtube, I have embedded the videos in this post (removed after the event) but I strongly suggest getting a ticket for you on the WordCamp page. You can get tickets even when the event is live.

There are two different streams for the two tracks for the event. Please familiarize yourself with the schedule of the event here.

Update: The live stream has now ended and thus the videos have been marked as private. Please keep an eye on WordCampTV for the full videos from WordCamp Europe 2015.

WordCamp Europe 2015 Live Video Track 1

Video now marked Private.

Here’s the overview of the schedule for Track 1 for Saturday, June 27th.

  • 09:30 am | The WordPress REST API. Ryan McCue
  • 10:10 am | Theming, React and the REST API. Jack Lenox
  • 10:50 am | Break
  • 11:20 am | Building Privacy-Friendly Websites. Anders Jensen-Urstad, Amelia Andersdotter
  • 12:00 pm | How Much Should You Share Your Data? Jeni Tennison
  • 12:40 pm | Lunch
  • 02:10 pm | Mighty Morphing Design. Tammie Lister
  • 02:50 pm | A UX Design Process for Building an Open Source Plugin. Silvan Hagen
  • 03:30 pm | Break
    04:00 pm | From Commercial Themes to the Fastest Growing Ecommerce Platform Online. Mark Forrester
  • 04:40 pm | Distributed, Open Source, Happiness. Tom Willmot
  • 05:20 pm | Tales of Acquisitive Growth & the Lessons I’ve learned. Karim Marucchi
  • 06:00 pm | Closing Remarks

WordCamp Europe 2015 Live Video Track 2

Here’s the overview of the schedule for Track 2 for Saturday, June 27th.

Video now marked Private.

  • 09:30 am | Your Customers are Actual People. Thijs de Valk
  • 10:10 am | Wow with WordPress & Email Marketing. Becs Rivett
  • 10:50 am | Break
  • 11:20 am | Short Talks. Joan Boluda, Marina Pape, Ilona Filipi
  • 12:00 pm | How to Run a WordPress Business While Travelling the World. Karin Christen
  • 12:40 pm | Lunch
  • 02:10 pm | Put a Little Backbone in Your WordPress! Adam Silverstein
  • 02:50 pm | Making WordPress Real-time. Tony Kovanen
  • 03:30 pm | Break
  • 04:00 pm | Short Talks. Jan Thiel, Eric Mann, Daniel Pataki
  • 04:40 pm | From Good to Great: Functionaland Acceptance Testing in WordPress. David Aguilera
  • 05:20 pm | DiversITy Matters.Juliette Reinders Folmer, Wouter Groenewold
  • 06:00 pm | Closing Remarks

You can also follow live feeds and updates from the event on their Facebook Page, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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