Templ Coupon + Quick Review

Templ Coupon WPism Exclusive discount

Templ is a new promising player in the WordPress cloud hosting space and is already getting a lot of attention and positive feedback in the community. Get started with a 10-day free trial and exclusive Templ coupon code link below offering you $100 in Hosting Credits.

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Templ offers an alternative to the low cost shared hosting providers with their affordable cloud hosting options. They consider the speed and their expert support as primary differentiating factors compared to other hosting providers in the industry.

The hosting platform powered by Google Cloud brings speed and performance of cloud servers in the hands of WordPress beginners. With Templ, you can now use the real power of the cloud servers without any development expertise or technical complications.

Get started with Templ with their free trial and $100 in Hosting Credits, exclusively for WPism users. 

Once you sign up using our link, get in touch with Templ customer support and they will apply the credits to your account.

Continue reading this quick review to explore the best features of Templ and what differentiates them from other hosting providers. (sign up for Templ with our best available deal).

Templ Pricing - Hosting Plans

With multiple plans catered to a range of beginner small websites to large websites with serious traffic, Templ is suitable for all kinds of websites.

If the existing plans do not suit your needs, you can also create your own custom plan. Templ provides a handy price calculator to estimate your costs based on the resources you might need for your website.

Here are their main pricing plans that you can get started with. See the summary of Templ pricing plans in the table below.
Get started for free with any Templ Plans. Don’t forget to claim our exclusive Templ coupon deal with their support team – asking for free credits that will be added to your account.

Here’s Templ Pricing Plans in details to see the main differences – Dropdown. 

Templ Offers and Promotions

Templ has several lucrative offers for new users signing up for moving to their platform. Here are some of the main offers that we think are worth giving Templ a try.

Templ Free Trial

In addition to free credits to our WPism users, you can start absolutely free with Templ free trial for the first ten days.

You do not even need to enter your credit card details during your Templ free trial period.

Templ Free Migration

If you already have a website hosted with other hosting providers, Templ offers a free migration service helping you move your website to their platform.

The free migration service is included with all of their plans.

Free Templ Speed optimization Service

As an optional service, you can get free speed optimization for your website carried out by their experts. The regular for the speed optimisation service is $199 and Templ is offering it for free for their new users.

The free speed optimization service is expertly carried out and includes the following optimizations.

  • Optimal WordPress Configuration
  • Auditing plugins to replace black-listed plugins
  • Optimise databases with newer versions
  • Scan website and server logs for issues
  • Optimize website cache and activate if required
  • Image optimization to reduce the size of larger uploads

Templ Features

Let’s look into some of the main features of Templ hosting that can help you decide if the platform is right for your needs.

Templ Coupon Code Hosting Platform Features
The pricing page of Templ lists several other features that differentiate them from most of the hosting providers out there. Some of the main features outlined in the list are;
  • Powered by the Google Cloud Platform
  • 24/7 Support and Monitoring
  • Free auto SSL installation
  • Free migrations to Templ Platform
  • Staging and Free CDN
  • Support for WordPress multi-site
  • WordPress and WooCommerce expert support
Let’s look at some of the main features in details below. 

Speed and Scalability

With Google’s infrastructure, Templ is able to deliver the ultimate speed and performance for WordPress websites.

And because it’s powered by the cloud, you can easily scale up or scale down the resources required for your website.

Monthly WordPress Updates

The monthly WP updates is an interesting feature with Templ hosting. You can pay a monthly cost for WordPress updates which even includes identifying vulnerabilities.

If you need someone to maintain your WordPress with all the latest software updates and upgrades, this might be suitable for you.

The WordPress updates feature is however only free for the first year of your hosting and include the following;

  • WordPress Update – Updating the WordPress software to the latest version
  • Plugins Update – Updating the plugins used on your website to their latest versions
  • WordPress Theme Upgrades – Any theme related updates
  • Identifying vulnerabilities – Immediate upgrade of plugins with known vulnerabilities

Continuous Uptime checks

Uptime checks are another useful offerings of Templ hosting. They continuously monitor your website to make sure it’s always available.

Templ scans websites on their platform every 3 minutes to make sure your website is uptime and always accessible to your visitors.

24/7 Expert Support

Templ has assembled an expert support team that is capable of helping you with specific queries related to both WordPress and WooCommerce. They offer quick and expert support 24/7.

As their managed cloud hosting platform is only focused on WordPress, you are certain to find support people that only specialise in these areas.

They in fact claim that everyone in their support team is an expert in WordPress and WooCommerce and offer to help with all aspects of your website include optimization queries.

Templ FAQs

We have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Templ and the Templ Coupon deal for WPism users.

What is Templ?

Templ is a managed cloud  WordPress hosting provider powered by the Google Cloud Platform. 

Does Templ offer a free Trial?

Yes, Templ offers a free trial for a 10-day period. You do not need to enter your credit card details to sign up for their free trial. 

How do I get Templ Deal for WPism users?

Once you sign up for Templ plan using our link, contact their support team and they will add $100 credit to your account. 

Templ is a new promising platform with brilliant features built on top of the Google Cloud Platform. If you are looking for WordPress cloud hosting services, give Templ a try! 

Feel free to contact us if you need any help signing up for Templ or if you have any queries regarding the Templ coupon deal exclusive to our WPism visitors. 

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