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Nestify is a managed WordPress hosting provider powered by AWS cloud solutions. Specifically built for WordPress and WooCommerce, they focus on offering high-performance hosting services. Use our exclusive Nestify coupon code to save on their hosting plans. | Nestify coupon Code – WPISM

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Nestify is a specialised cloud-based hosting provider offering you managed solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Nestify’s cloud-based offering ensures higher speed and performance for your websites. Combined with other features such as enterprise-grade security, malware scans, and daily backups, Nestify is easily a promising managed hosting provider.

We have partnered with Nestify to bring you an exclusive deal if you are looking to sign up with their services. Use our exclusive Nestify coupon code to get the best discount possible on their hosting plans. Use Coupon Code WPISM (inside your Dashboard > billing details once you sign up for free trial).
Nestify might not be as popular as their competing hosting providers in the space but you will definitely be impressed with what they have to offer. Also, look at the several high-profile enterprise clients that are using their platform which should give you some insight into their quality of service.
Continue reading to learn more about Nestify pricing and plans and get a quick overview of what you get with their platform. We also have detailed instructions on how to apply the discount using our Nestify coupon code.

Discounted Nestify Pricing Plans

Nestify offers several pricing plans to ensure you can find the right plan as per your website needs.

All Nestify plans allow you to install unlimited sites and have a very generous allowance for unlimited visits.

The main difference between Nestify plans comes down to the amount of storage, number of CPUs and Ram capacity for each plan.

Here are some of their main plans that you can apply our Nestify coupon code to claim the best discount available.

All Nestify Plans offer Unlimited Visitors, Unlimited Sites, and unlimited Free Migrations.

There are additional Nestify plans if you have higher needs for your website. Check out detailed Nestify pricing and plans options on their website. 

Overview of Nestify Pricing Plans in details – Dropdown. 

Nestify Deals and Offers

In addition to our exclusive Nestify coupon code, you can get several other offers with included with Nestify plans.

Nestify also participates in offering some of their best offers with their Black Friday deals and New Year deals

Any other active Nestify deals and promotions will be listed on top of this page. 

Free Expert Migration Service

If you are hosting your WordPress or WooCommerce website with another hosting provider already, Nestify will do all the hard work moving your website to their servers for free.

While most hosting providers offer some form of automated migrations using plugins (that aren’t fully reliable), Nestify helps you migrate your website using one of their experts. They ensure that there is zero downtime with your existing website and that it is safely transferred to their servers.

Besides, Nestify doesn’t have any limitations on the number of websites they will assist in migrations. They truly offer “Unlimited Migrations” helping you migrate all your websites, whether you have one or hundreds of websites.

Free Premium CDN

Nestify includes premium CDN at no additional cost for all websites within your plans. Their content delivery network (CDN) ensures that your website content is delivered faster to your users from several locations around the world.

Along with free CDN, Nestify also includes dedicated bandwidth for all of your websites. With managed hosting providers in a similar range, premium CDN is usually available for additional prices.

Free SSL

An important feature of most hosting providers, you would be glad to know that Nestify offers free SSL (helping you prevent not secure warnings) for your WordPress installations.

You can install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and Cloudflare SSL for free on their hosting plans.

Free Security Scans

With Nestify plans, you don’t need to invest in additional security plugins or services. Their platform scans your website daily to ensure it doesn’t have any vulnerabilities.

Nestify also ensures that you haven’t installed any insecure WordPress plugins and notifies you of any possible security concerns.

60-day Money-Back Guarantee

Nestify offers a generous 60-day money back guarantee if you think the platform isn’t right for your needs in the first couple of months.

The 60-day money-back guarantee should allow you confidently move your websites or sign up for them, giving you ample time to decide if you have made the right choice.

Nestify Features

Besides some of the impressive features that we mentioned in the offers above, Nestify has several essential features that you would expect in superior hosting service.

Here’re some of the most important features that you can find in Nesitfy hosting.

  • Automatic Daily Backups and Manual On-Demand Backups
  • 24×7 Responsive Support
  • Staging Websites
  • Free Security Scans
  • Free SSL – Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate + Cloudflare SSL
  • Free Hack Fix
  • Free Unlimited Migrations
  • Automatic WordPress Core Updates
You can learn more about features and see what they have to offer in details in our complete Nestify review.

Nestify Server Locations

Another important thing to mention is that Nestify offers server locations around the world allowing you to choose the nearest location for faster website loading times for your users.

Nestify WordPress Server Locations

You can choose from Nestify server locations including;

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • India

Having this flexibility can help you choose the nearest server based on where most of your users are based. 

How to apply Nestify Coupon Code?

Using our Nestify coupon code to claim your discount should be really easy. 

Step 1: Go to the pricing page of Nestify and choose the plan that best suits your website.

Step 2: Click on Free Trial to sign up and create an account with Nestify.

Step 3: Apply our exclusive Nestify coupon code inside the billing details of your dashboard.

As you can see in the screenshot, you will be able to get the discounted plan with our exclusive code.

Nestify Coupon FAQs

If you have any queries about Nestify or using our Nestify coupon code, please refer to these basics in form of frequently asked questions. 

What is Nestify?

Nestify is a managed WordPress hosting provider powered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Does Nestify offer a free Trial?

Yes, Nestify offers a free trial for their hosting plans. You also get 60-day money-back guarantee if Nestify doesn’t suit your needs. 

How do I get Nestify Coupon deal?

Use our Nestify coupon code after you sign up for their free trial in your Dashboard > Billing details. 

Nestify might be a relatively new service provider in the WordPress hosting space but their unique AWS cloud hosting approach with several impressive features and offers for new beginners make them a compelling choice. 

If you have any queries about Nestify or need help using our exclusive Nestify coupon code, please feel free to get in touch with us. 

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