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  1. This seems like great tool Pradeep, thanks for sharing! If I am not mistaken, those who wants to promote their business online using Google Adwords or any other Google service, they will have advantage using this. Or is it for otherwise traffic generation purposes as well?

    1. Hi Pankaj,
      That’s right – It will be beneficial for those who use tags of services such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords or any other services such as Facebook advertising pixels etc.
      You too can use it if you are using Google Analytics for your blog.
      However, it isn’t related to traffic generating purposes.

  2. Thank you Pradeep, I appreciate the article. I’ve been looking for the correct way to integrate Google Tag Manager into a Genesis WordPress site. This worked perfectly by adding the function you showed.

  3. Thanks for the thorough overview! This was just what I needed to kick things off on two projects that I’m working on and

    I’ll be sharing your guide in a private forum for eCommerce entrepreneurs that I belong to

  4. You have included this sentence twice.

    The best part of Google Tag Manager is that it’s completely free and it allows you to add all Google and other third-party tags.

    Any chance of woo-commerce tut implementation, thats tricky part i found?

    cheers, Lee

  5. I’ve had 20+ years of corporate big-systems information systems experience, but have only recently be acquiring web-skills. Not only do have Studiopress Genesis installed on WP, but also have Cobalt-Apps Dynamik Website Builder.

    I have been spending a lot of time and struggling mightily to figure out how to get GA events posted for my website (sessions and pages were easy with gtag.js). I have writing bunches of js tag code that I can’t get to work. And I have been failing to get the GTM code (2-parts) installed in the right places.

    Your information about Genesis Hooks reminded me of something: Dynamik has an elegant hook system under its Dynamik Custom menu. Now that I have remembered that, things are taking off.

    Furthermore, of the many, many articles that I have been reading about the GA event tag subject, yours, by far, is the best and clearest that I have discovered. It boosted my initial Tag Manager account into high-gear.

    Thank you. Best regards.

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