WordPress Atom Packages for Atom Text Editor


  1. Avatar of Uri Plata Uri Plata says:

    Excellent, Thanks.

  2. Avatar of vanessa Wood vanessa Wood says:

    If I want to create a theme template file, and then see how the template file looks without uploading the file to my website hosting file manager, would I need to install wordrpess locally on my mac so that I can view the php file in a browser like chrome (and with out having to be connected to the internet?) Im having trouble finding a tutorial that would help me (from start to finish) Install Atom and any required/suggested packages, and then install and configure wordpress locally, create a wordpress template index.php file, a Style.css file in atom, install and then live preview the look of the index.php in a browser… Any tutorials seem to assume part of the process is already done, I will try and use individual tutorials to (ie 1. install wordpress locally and 2. install atom and wordpress packages and 3 create theme template and live preview)

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