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Within the WordPress community, we are really fond of camps – our regular WordCamps, BuddyCamp and several other meetups.

Lately, we are seeing a few other “camps” emerge around niche topics within the WordPress community. The Pressnomics, for example, is a type of WordPress related camp focused on the business ecosystem within WordPress.

Learn more about Genesis Camp and see the Genesis tutorials covered in the Genesis Camp 2015 session in this post.

Watch all Genesis tutorials and learn from the live session videos of Genesis Camp 2015 which took place entirely online.

What is Genesis Camp?

Let me introduce you to Genesis Camp, an online gathering for Genesis professionals and the entire Genesis WordPress community. The first event of the community is set for this weekend – July 18 – 19 2015.

The event will be based on a 24-hour online format and will run using Google Hangouts and Crowd Cast. You will need to register on the Crowd Cast website to watch and participate in the Genesis Camp.

Genesis Camp Crowdcast Website

Genesis Camp Sessions

A broad range of topics is included in the event – from basics such as tweaking your Genesis site to advanced such as high-level overview of WordPress development.

Here’s what the sessions of the Genesis Camp look like;

  • Live chat opens
  • Genesis Camp Opening
  • Development Workflow Panel
  • Business – Recurring Revenue is the Holy Grail
  • Design – Branding, logos and file types!
  • Coffee is for Closers – Tips for Closing Deals
  • The Essential Mac Setup
  • Exploring What’s Possible with Genesis
  • Keeping local, staging and production sites in sync
  • Keeping local, staging and production sites in sync
  • Dealing with DIY Clients
  • Getting Your Name out There to Be the First Choice in a Busy Marketplace
  • High-level View of Web, and WordPress Development
  • Accessibility and Genesis
  • Caching WordPress with the Transients API
  • Setting Up VVV Vagrant for a local workflow
  • Looking for some support?
  • How do you find what hook you need?
  • UKGenesis Panel Podcast
  • Tweak your Genesis site
  • Community Video
  • Dealing with nightmare clients
  • Development Workflow for Agencies
  • Quality Code by Design
  • The Business of WordPress Development and Management
  • Hot Toddy – A Genesis Pre-processor Workflow with Bourbon
  • Globalize it!
  • Panel – Selling Maintenance Plans
  • Client-Proofing Your Site With Metaboxes & Fields
  • Panel – Different Ways of Working
  • Are you taking care of you (so you can take care of your business)?
  • Get Hooked! Understanding Genesis Hooks
  • From Mockup to Genesis: How to Become a Developer’s Best Friend
  • Genesis Camp Closing

Please visit the Sessions page on Genesis Camp website to see the time from different time zones if you are interested in participating in the event.

You can add the events directly to your Google calendar here (Credits to Frank Herr).

One of the coolest things about the event (the one that particularly got me excited to cover here) is that the videos and sessions are available even after the live event this weekend. So, even if you can’t make it live or can’t attend 24 hours in a row, you can always watch the recorded videos on YouTube and Crowd Cast page.

Genesis by Studiopress, owned by Copyblogger Media is a popular WordPress theme framework liked and recommended by several influential people within the community.

If hundred of thousands use a product, there’s bound to be a community around it. Also, it’s not surprising to see people calling themselves exclusively Genesis developers, designers or along the lines.

This event, however, is not associated with Copyblogger Media or StudioPress.

Are you a Genesis professional or part of the Genesis WordPress community? Let me know what you think of the event in the comments below.

Featured image via Genesis Camp website

Genesis Tutorials – Genesis Camp 2015

Genesis Camp 2015 was held last weekend and it was hugely successful. According to the organisers, almost 600 attendees from the Genesis WordPress community made it to the event.

The event was organised online using Crowd Cast for online discussions and Google Hangouts for videos. More than 35 sessions were organised within 24 hours of the online camp.

Genesis Camp 2015 attendees online

Now that the event is over, all the videos have been published on YouTube – in case you missed the awesome Genesis Camp.

Genesis WordPress community is a community of professionals and users who are associated in some way with Genesis Framework themes from StudioPress.

Genesis Tutorial Videos – Camp 2015

I made it to the few live sessions and I think it was pretty awesome. The recurring revenue session from Troy Deam (video no 2) was inspiring and most of the live panel discussions were really useful.

I am still making time to go through some of the sessions that I couldn’t watch over the weekend.

If you too missed the live sessions or want to watch them again, here are all the recorded videos for you to watch from the Genesis Camp YouTube channel.

1.Genesis Camp Development Workflow

Genesis Camp Development Workflow with Alain Schlesser, Chris Cochran, Wes Linda, Joe Dooley, Jesse Petersen, and Dylan Ryan (Moderator).

2. Troy Dean Recurring Revenue

Troy Dean's talk on Recurring Revenue.

3. Design – Branding Logos & File Types

Design – Branding Logos & File Types session by Cathi Bosco

4. Chris Lema – Coffee is for closers

Chris Lema's session – Coffee is for closers

5. The Essential Mac Setup

My non-negotiable configuration of apps and settings for streamlined Mac awesomeness. Created for the 2015 Genesis Camp online conference for users of the Genesis Framework within WordPress.

6. Wes Linda Exploring What's possible with Genesis

Watch Video on YouTube.

Wes Linda's session Exploring What's possible with Genesis.

7. David Wang – Keeping local, staging and production sites in sync

Watch Video on YouTube.

You know it's best practice to have separate sites for local development, staging and production (live), but with so many sites how do you keep everything in sync? This session will give you an overview of the different options available and share some tips and tricks to help you get on top of all your sites.

8. Jurgen Strauss – Leverage Time and Money with Web Power

Watch Video on YouTube.

Innovative Ways that Every Business can save Time and Money with their Website. The web is the world's most innovative communication tool, but are you getting the best out of your website? In this presentation, you will discover 10 things you may not know your website can do to save you time and money.Get your Website Working MORE!

9. Warren Denley – Dealing with DIY Clients

Watch Video on YouTube.

Warren Denley's session on Dealing with DIY Clients.

10. Heather Porter – Getting Your Name out There

Watch Video on YouTube.

Getting Your Name out There to Be the First Choice in a Busy Marketplace

Let's face it…There are a lot of people who do what you do. It's those who package themselves as a brand who people listen to and want to work with. Find out how to get your name out there, stand out from others who are experts at what you do, and attract clients you want to work with.

You will get ideas for building strategic alliances, steps to grow your influence, and processes you can use to prequalify a client so you can manage expectations. It does not matter if you are freelancer, solopreneur or business owner…you will be able to action this stuff! – Heather Porter

11. Alain Schlesser – High-level View of Web and WordPress Development

Watch Video on YouTube.

Developers tend to get lost in technical details.
In a system as complex as a WordPress website, where there's a lot going on behind the scenes, it can be a very valuable exercise to take a step back and analyze the different components of the whole system. This lets you get a sense of what part of the system is responsible for what end goal.
This session will give beginning and intermediate WordPress developers an overview, first of general web development, and then for the specific case of WordPress. We will briefly cover client-server architecture, and later discover how the different parts of WordPress work together to let you build sites and apps with relative ease. As it turns out, most of the skills you acquire with WordPress are valid for other domains as well, as long as you can look beyond the terminology.
My experience has shown that understanding the big picture makes it a lot easier to deal with the details, and I hope this will be true for you as well. – Alain Schlesser

12. LlamaPress – Genesis and accessibility

Watch Video on YouTube.

In this talk, I go over what accessibility is, why it is important, how it works on the web and how we can apply this to our Genesis projects. – James Roberts

13. David – Caching WordPress with the Transients API

Watch Video on YouTube.

Learn how to optimize widgetized homepages on themes like Metro Pro, Author Pro, Foodie Pro and more. Speed up your theme’s homepage with the WordPress Transient API and just a few simple lines of code.

14. Neil Gee – VVV Vagrant – Genesis Camp

Watch Video on YouTube.

Neil Gee's Short Dev talk on using VVV Vagrant as a local WordPress workflow.

15. Sridhar Katakam – Animated Search Form in Header Right in Genesis

Watch Video on YouTube.

Sridhar Katakam's session on Animated Search Form in Header Right in Genesis.

16. Susan Ramsey – Looking for some support?

Watch Video on YouTube.

Susan Ramsey session – Looking for some support?

17. Jo Waltham – How do you find the hook you need?

Watch Video on YouTube.

Jo Waltham's session on How do you find the hook you need?

18. Panel Discussion – Genesis UK Podcast

Watch Video on YouTube.

Genesis UK Podcast with Gary Jones (moderator) Ben Furfie, Jackie D’Elia, Peter Shilling, Carrie Dils.

19. Patricia – Tweak your Genesis theme

Watch Video on YouTube.

Patricia shows beginners how to tweak fonts and colours in two Genesis child themes at the Genesis Camp 2015.

20. Genesis Camp Community Message by Lauren Mancke

Watch Video on YouTube.

Lauren Mancke weighs in at Genesis Camp 2015.

21. David Laietta – Genesis Child Theme

Watch Video on YouTube.

David Laietta discussing the Genesis child theme that I use to start my new client projects.

Please find the theme discussed here –

22. Erin Flynn – Dealing with Nightmare Clients

Watch Video on YouTube.

Erin Flynn's session on Dealing with Nightmare Clients.

23. Joe Dooley – Development for Agencies

Watch Video on YouTube.

Joe Dooley's session on Development for Agencies.

24. Tonya – Quality Code by Design

Watch Video on YouTube.

Tonya's session on Quality Code by Design.

25. Troy Dean – 101 ways to elevate and demand higher fees

Watch Video on YouTube.

Pre-recorded video of Troy Dean discussing 101 ways you can elevate yourself and demand higher fees as a freelancer or consultant. Although this video is aimed at WordPress consultants, a lot of these ideas can be used in any consulting or freelance business.

26. Juan – Let’s Not Reinvent the Wheel – Leveraging 3rd party code

Watch Video on YouTube.

Juan's session on Leveraging 3rd party code.

27. Hot Toddy – A WordPress and Genesis Workflow with Bourbon

Watch Video on YouTube.

Recorded for Genesis Camp 2015, this talk and screencast is a quick run-through of a CSS (Sass) pre-processor workflow combining the Bourbon, Neat, Bitters and Refills front-end CSS framework with WordPress and Genesis.

28. David Decker – Globalize it!

Watch Video on YouTube.

The goal is to help you “globalize it” better – your child themes, plugins and create multilingual websites.

I want to share my experiences from the last five years what it means to make themes and plugins translatable, to actually translate (English to German in my case) and to communicate the whole thing with clients and end-users. And I also talk about some key experiences with multilingual websites. So there will be takeaways for developers as well as translators and also end-users. – David Decker

29. Panel – Selling Maintenance Plans

Watch Video on YouTube.

Panel discussion from Jurgen Strauss, Scott Ellis and Ryan Townly

30. Mike Hemberger – Client-Proofing Your Site with Metaboxes and Fields

Watch Video on YouTube.

Mike Hemberger's session on Client-Proofing Your Site with Metaboxes and Fields.

31. with Carrie Dils, Shay Bochs, Jeni Elliot

Watch Video on YouTube. podcast session with Carrie Dils, Shay Bochs, Jeni Elliot.

32. Panel – Different Ways of Working

Watch Video on YouTube.

Genesis Camp 2015 Panel hosted by Cathi Bosco – Different Ways of Working – with Jesse Petersen, Emily White, Greg Young, Warren Denley

33. Helena Denley: Leveraging Your Skills

Watch Video on YouTube.

Video from WordCamp Brisbane

Are you a freelancer who is at capacity with clients but aren’t earning the income you would like to be? Are you a freelancer looking to expand your reach beyond the one on one client work? If you answered ‘Yes’ to either or both of those questions then this is a must-see talk for you!

34. Understanding Genesis Hooks with Chris Cochran

Watch Video on YouTube.

Get Hooked! Understanding Genesis Hooks with Chris Cochran

35. From Mockup to Genesis: How to Become a Developer's Best Friend

Watch Video on YouTube.

Pre-recorded video from Nuts and Bolts Media.

A presentation from Genesis Camp 2015 providing tips for web designers looking to outsource development.

I hope you enjoy the videos. Please let me know if you find anything interesting in the comments below.

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