Flywheel Growth Suite Review – Ideal Solution for Agencies?

Flywheel Growth Suite Solution Agencies

Are you looking for a complete solution to manage your WordPress hosting clients? The Flywheel Growth Suite might be a perfect solution for agencies managing multiple hosting clients and those looking to grow and scale their businesses.

Flywheel Growth Suite is specifically designed for growing agencies and freelancers to simplify their workflow by combining multiple tasks under one umbrella. The platform simplifies several client management tasks for agencies offering managed WordPress hosting services in addition to handling their billing and subscription management and offering growth and revenue insights.

Compared to Flywheel's individual hosting services, the Growth Suite includes a complete suite of tools and is relevant if you offer services such as hosting, design, SEO etc., to a number of clients. 

A growing agency business can have multiple pain points having to manage increasing clients with multiple tools and solutions and creating a workflow that is often inconsistent and cumbersome. Such pain points can be bottlenecks in the agency's growth and scaling phases.

Similarly, routine tasks such as billing and invoicing ends up taking a huge amount of time that could have been invested towards actually growing the business. That’s where the  Growth Suite from Flywheel can shine by not only helping agencies swiftly manage those tasks but also offering them insights to make data-informed scaling decisions. 

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your WordPress focused agency, Flywheel Growth Suite can be a compelling offer. 

We will look at the main features of the Flywheel Growth Suite product that can help you decide if the solution is right for your business. 

How can Flywheel Growth Suite help grow your agency?

Flywheel Growth Suite comes with several tools and solutions that you need to manage and grow your agency business. Let’s look at some of the outstanding features that are useful for most agencies and freelancers. 

Growth Insights Dashboard

One of the most important highlights of the Growth Suite is the dashboard that displays essential metrics and offers you relevant insights. 

Growth Dashboard Flywheel Growth Suite feature new

You will see metrics such as monthly recurring revenue, data related to payments and other cash flow insights related to your business on a single dashboard. 

Managing Multiple Websites

The growth suite makes it easy to manage websites in bulk, allowing you to sort and filter all of your sites from one dashboard.

Bulk WordPress Sites management Flywheel Growth Suite

You can see important information such as stats of your managed websites, including WordPress plugin updates information and other options on your client sites. 

Billing and Invoicing 

The clients’ subscription and billing features of the Growth Suite helps you easily create and send invoices. You can set up recurring payments for your clients and send branded invoices as per your client’s requirements. 

Billing and Invoicing Flywheel Growth Suite feature

Stripe Integration

Most agencies use Stripe for billing for their services, and this often requires using other third-party services to integrate with their own system. The Growth Suite makes this process super easy with its full integration with Stipe. 

Clients Management Portal

With features and capabilities to store and manage your clients’ information, Growth Suite makes the clients’ management process really easy and intuitive. 

Clients Management Portal Flywheel Growth Suite feature new

Think it of as your CRM system to house all your clients’ essential information, including the services you’re offering to them. 

Automated Communication Features

The Growth Suite simplifies the process of communicating with your clients by scheduling emails on a regular basis. The emails sent automatically are customised to include your branding details. 

Agency Branded Reports Flywheel Growth Suite feature new

Agency Branded Reports

The client reports that you have to send on a regular basis can be customised to reflect your brand and further integrated with Google Analytics, helping you report the essentials. 

Flywheel Agency Reports Flywheel Growth Suite

Most agencies spend a fair amount of time creating branded reports for their clients, and this feature can be a huge time saver to create well-designed and professional reports. 

White-label solution

Offering a white-label solution, Flywheel lets you customise several features of the growth suite to reflect your own branding.

White label feature offering Flywheel Growth Suite

This includes customising the temporary domains that you generate for your client sites, your client portal’s look, and the emails you send to your clients. 

Flywheel Growth Suite Plans and Pricing

If you are interested in signing up for the Flywheel growth suite, it can be helpful to understand their pricing structure. 

The Growth Suite has two major plans that you can sign up for immediately – Freelance and the Agency plan. They also offer a custom plan if the standard plans do not meet your needs, and you can contact their team to get a personalised plan customised for your agency business. 

Here’s an overview of the current plans and the pricing structure of the Flywheel Growth Suite.

Growth Suite Plans PricingMain Features
Freelance Plan$113/month paid Annually | $135/month paid Monthly – Hosting up to 10 sites
– 100,000 monthly visits
– 20GB storage
– 200GB bandwidth
Agency Plan$275/month paid Annually | $330/month paid Monthly – Hosting up to 30 sites
– 400,000 monthly visits
– 50GB storage
– 500GB bandwidth
Custom Plan Contact to receive a personalised quote. – Hosting 100+ sites
– Over a million monthly visits
– 120GB+ storage
– 1TB+ bandwidth

The pricing and details in the features are correct at the time of publishing this post. While we try to update this post regularly, please check the pricing and plans on the Flywheel website for the current details.  

Although the Freelance and Agency plan only lets you host 10 sites and 30 sites respectively, there isn’t any limit on the number of clients you can manage using the Growth suite. You can also manage clients that aren’t using Flywheel hosting for their websites. 

As you can see with the pricing plans, the best way to save on your overall bill is by opting for annual plans, as you get two months free when you pay for the entire year. Paying annually could also help you lock in the future price increases of this new product. 

Summary of Flywheel Growth Suite

Even after being acquired by WP Engine, Flywheel has still retained its original focus of catering to the WordPress hosting needs of creatives and agencies. Their Local WordPress development tool, released previously is a highly recommended solution by many WordPress developers.

The Growth Suite is definitely another great solution from the Flywheel team, enabling freelancers and agencies to succeed by offering WordPress hosting services and providing a complete solution to manage their growth.

White-label solution Flywheel Growth Suite feature new

Get Started with Growth Suite

Flywheel Growth Suite can be an ideal solution for agency owners who want to operate more efficiently and increase their revenue.

With a complete toolkit of solutions bundled in a single platform, the Growth Suite definitely addresses several pain points of growing agencies and freelancers managing multiple clients. 

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