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If you decided to turn your brilliant business idea into reality and to be your own boss, you should get familiar with simple tools which might help you to increase the growth of your company.

To help you maintain your business since its early days, we put together a list of 18+ essential tools for every online WordPress business.

1. Google Analytics – Analyse your traffic

Pair your website with the statistic tool by Google is a necessary step before launch. Every business, even the new one, wants to know the traffic generated by your website, where it comes from and who is your audience.

Sign up for Google Analytics

An answer to all of these questions is Google Analytics. In the overview, you’ll find easy to use features which help you analyse day by day, week by week, the key numbers and information you need to lead your company. Google Analytics is user-friendly, easy to understand, and provides clear charts and graphs.

Sign up for Google Analytics

2. DropBox – Backup all your docs / data

With creating a DropBox account you can leave all your gadgets at home. Easy to access from anywhere, DropBox allows users to save their documents, music, pictures, videos onto one account, manage files in folders and share them with other people.

Visit DropBox

Don’t worry if files are too large. The user can reach them through the link and you save the capacity of your mailbox.

Visit DropBox

3. Upwork – Outsource your projects

As many other entrepreneurs, your specialisation is in a certain field. To outsource other skills needed to run your company take advantage of platforms gathering up contractors looking for a job. Former Odesk offer a wide range of per-project or hour-rate staff.

Upwork - Outsource your projects

Contractors maintain their profiles with previous experiences and samples with projects, which might help you to find the right one. Also, there is a possibility of setting up an online interview. The work is tracked by Upwork’s tool and all the transactions are proceeded via Upwork, so you don’t need to be aware of interchange banking fees.

Visit Upwork

4. OmniFocus – Project management tool

At the beginning of your business path, you may struggle with productivity and organisation of your time. To keep track of numerous ongoing projects or issues, OmniFocus can be your partner in crime and manage your personal and business projects.

OmniFocus - Project management tool

With OmniFocus, you can collect all your tasks, to-do lists or ideas. Then you can organise entered data to the desired form and see the progress. At the same time, OmniFocus will synchronise your data onto a cloud, so you can access them from anywhere.

Visit OmniFocus

5. GoDaddy – Affordable WordPress hosting

To establish your online presence it’s necessary to choose a hosting platform that suits your needs. GoDaddy provides the templates with social media widgets and easy to use image tools so that in a short time you are able to create a simple website.

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Business Solution

GoDaddy is also ready to assist you 24/7. GoDaddy is compatible with WordPress, gives you an unlimited bandwidth access and 150GB of disk space.

Get GoDaddy Hosting

6. Square – Point-of-Sale solution

A perfect point-of-sale solution for business which requires mobility. A tiny credit card reader can be attached to your mobile device or tablet and you don’t need to carry POS terminal anymore.

Square - Point-of-Sale solution

Without an option to pay with credit card, many businesses are loosing potential customers which don’t have cash. Square doesn’t need a huge investment and you can reach your customers anywhere.

Visit Square POS

7. Haro – Best PR Tool

Haro, Helping A Reporter Out, is a PR tool which connects journalists and expert sources and helps to build an online presence. Haro subscription offers more benefits.

Haro PR Tool Business

First of all, you get connected with reporters and bloggers across the world and it’s easy to make new media contacts. Second, if you are quoted, you get a strong backlink good for SEO. Last, but not least, you can build your credibility and become and expert by answering Haro requests.

Visit Haro

8. LastPass – Secure Your Login Information

Often happens that we set up an account, don’t use it for some time and then when we really need to access the information, it’s hard to remember the password? If you get familiar with this situation, then LastPass may be worth your attention.

LastPass - Secure Your Login Information

With LastPass app, you can create unique usernames and passwords for free. Afterwards, simply synchronize your favourite or the most popular websites, accounts or servers and you will be able to access all of them with single login. Always create a strong password nobody would be able to guess, but you will be able to remember.

Get LastPass Free

9. Quora – Professional Q&A Platform

As a starting company, you should take advantage of potential that Quora gives you. The popularity of a question-answer platform is on the rise and attracts more experts from various fields. With a new company there are bound to be questions or confusions that arise.

Quora - Professional Q&A Platform

To start using Quora, just simply create an account and post your question. Quora has more sophisticated meaning for enterpreneurs and business owners. Marketplace of answers can be used to discuss ideas, make new contacts by following experts in the field that interests you, source of information for market research and as well help you to improve your communication skills.

Visit Quora

10. Trello – Effective Project Management

User-friendly and easy to use tool that helps your create an order and tidy up your tasks, deadlines and also manage and distribute tasks to the team members. His simplicity si very versatile and makes Trello flexible and powerfull project management tool.

Trello - Effective Project Management

Trello works with boards where you simply create sections such as TO-DO, Completed or Waiting for Approval and then add cards with deadlines, team members responsible for the task. By creating a checklist you can see the progress towards the completion.

Visit Trello

11. Infusionsoft – CRM and Marketing Automation

Automation of certain tasks using a smart tool can help you to accelerate the business. Infusionsoft is focused solely on small business.

Infusionsoft - CRM and Marketing Automation

With only one software you can manage customer relations, marketing, e-commerce and payments. Infusionsoft will help you to manage your leads funnel, see the progress and details about potential customers, create e-mail campaigns or approach them by phone. It also captures multiple information about your customers at one place.

Although it is mostly known as a marketing automation software after some time you'll push the boundaries and find out many other functionalities of Infusionsoft.

Visit Infusionsoft

12. Slack – Real-Time Team Chat

Slack is an essential tool for effective team communication. With Slack you can easily organize channels for team conversations based on the topic, task or project. It's a real-time messaging tool so everybody involved is updated about news and updates of the team.

Slack - Real-Time Team Chat

Confidential and other information can be shared in private channels and only open to those who are invited to join the channel. You can easily drag and drop files into conversations and search in the archive.

Create Team on Slack

13. Toggl – Tracking The Work

Every business owner is trying to work as effective as possible. Toggl is an easy tracking tool where you see how much time you spend completing the certain tasks. You can create projects, add tasks labelled by different colours. In its premium version, it is possible to add a price per project so you have a real-time money overview.

Toggl - Tracking The Work

Toggl allows you to create reports by project hence this tool is useful to accurately keep track about working hours of your employees.

Visit Toggl

14. Canva – Simple Graphic Designs

If you can't afford a professional designer Canva will most likely become your best friend. Create your own designs, pictures, posters, social media posts, infographics or choose from hundreds of free or paid templates.

Canva - Simple Graphic Designs

It won't replace Photoshop but if you're not familiar with it or need a quick Facebook post picture, Canva is the right tool.

Visit Canva

15. HootSuite – Social Media Planner

Social media drive a lot of traffic to your website but along with other tasks it is sometimes hard to keep them up to date and bring out new posts. With HootSuite, you can prepare update in advance and schedule them ahead of time.

HootSuite - Social Media Planner

Mostly used for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, HootSuite allows you to share information with your audience and establish the flow of new updates while you're focused on completing other tasks.

Visit HootSuite

16. Grammarly – Free Grammar Checker

Whether you're not a native English speaker or you just need to check for typos, run every piece of content through Grammarly. Grammarly is a free tool that uses more than 250 grammar rules to make sure your writing is without mistakes, wrong contextual spelling and easy to read.

Grammarly - Free Grammar Checker Business

It marks the errors, suggests synonyms enhancing the meaning, makes you write better, and improves your vocabulary. There is also a plugin for Google Chrome you can add for free. You can read a detailed review on Grammarly here on WPism.

Get Grammarly for Free 

17. MailChimp – Build a Large List of Subscribers

Email marketing is an effective technique and business owners put a lot of effort, time and money to grow their list of subscribers. MailChimp is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that allows you send and track email campaigns or newsletters.

Mailchimp Business Essential tool

With MailChimp, you can also create and schedule automated emails that follow up on orders, grow leads and recommend products to your customers. E-mail lists can be segmented according to purchases or location. The best thing about MailChimp is its generous free plan up to 2000 subscribers.

Sign Up Free for MailChimp 

18. HotJar – Deep Insights

To grow your business and offer the best value to your visitors you need to know how they are using your website. Here comes the power of HotJar which helps you to analyse the behaviour of visitors.

HotJar - Deep Insights Business

Using the results your can plan better content, create better forms, find out the reason why visitors bounce, design more useful experience which will eventually lead to higher conversion rate.

Try HotJar for Free

Using these tools will help you to maximise the productivity, understand your customers and increase the growth of your business over the course of time.

Your Favourite Business Tool?

Do you use any of the above-mentioned business tools? What are some of the essential tools for your business? Let us know in the comments below.

Viktor Vincej WordPress Blogger Marketer Viktor Vincej is a WordPress user and Blogger at WebCreate.Me. He loves travelling, marketing, SEO, and web design. Check out his selection of best business themes that are adjusted for growth, conversion, and success in his latest blog post.

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  1. Good collection for business owners. I need to start using more tools for sure. You could also list adwords because it’s still the best PPC solution which can help businesses to grow.. if you track and optimize your conversion you can start making money quite easily even if you are new to business.

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