Integrating WordPress with Medium


  1. Avatar of Chendaddy Chendaddy says:

    Extremely useful, thanks Pradeep!

  2. Thanks for the article! Very helpful!

    Can you use this plugin or IFTTT the other way around, pull in your Medium posts into a wordpress blog? I actually prefer writing on Medium, plus I write articles on other sites and would like to pull all of these posts into a new blog I’m creating that will be linked from my site. Just curious if this method will work in reverse. Thanks.

    1. Hi Marko,

      It doesn’t seem to work the other way round as of now. Please see the below comment for some additional options.

      But I would recommend doing it manually on WordPress for what you are looking to achieve. You can use a theme that supports Link format and simply add a title linking to the articles elsewhere on the web.

    2. Same!

      I agree with Marko – I prefer writing on Medium so would prefer that actually.

  3. Can you do the opposite? Can I make it so that my posts on Medium show up on a page on my WordPress Website?

    1. Hi Alex, Medium hasn’t made this easy and I don’t see any automated option possible as of now.

      You can, however, export posts in HTML format from Medium and manually import to WordPress.

      Use this link – and you should receive an email with a zip archive of your posts.

      I know this isn’t the solution you are looking for but just wanted to point you to the export option.

      The other possible option is to grab the embed code for your Medium profile and posts and add as widget in your WordPress blog.

      1. Hi Pradeep,

        This is really helpful.

        To confirm, you won’t be penalised by Google for having duplicate content across WordPress and medium?


  4. Can the plugin also work to automatically insert excerpts in Medium with a “read more” link to the full post on the WordPress site?

    1. Hi Efrain,

      I don’t think that’s possible as of now. The plugin simply provides options to cross-post as public, draft, or unlisted.

      And it doesn’t depend on RSS/feed to add such control.

  5. When I go to Plug-in on my dashboard, it says adding your own plugins are not allowed. HELP

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I guess you are on platform. This tutorial is for (self-hosted) version. doesn’t allow installing external plugins. Here are the popular plugin functionalities within sites automatically –

  6. Avatar of Adem Smith Adem Smith says:

    There is also one more plugin named Blog2Social. It is user friendly as it has no corn job to be done. There is no server side installation process. It is simply installation and activation plugin.

  7. Hi Pradeep, is there a straightforward way of finding my publication id? My blog just has an index.php and then the individual post pages. I’m trying to use the IFTTT method as I’m on .com rather than .org. Thanks, Ameya

  8. We’d love to have our latest published Medium posts automatically shown on our website as blog updates. Does the plugin allow you to create a widget/feed preview of posts on your WordPress site, with the link directing viewers to the blog post on Medium?

    1. Hi Kristen,
      This plugin doesn’t allow you to do that.

      Embedding Medium posts was possible previously and I had seen people adding widget of their Medium posts on WordPress.

      However, it now seems the embedding feature is no longer supported according to Medium official Help article .

      “Can I embed Medium on other sites?

      Medium embeds on other sites are no longer supported.”

      A quick search on Plugin Directory shows me this plugin that says it can do what you are looking for. (Display Medium Posts is a WordPress plugin that allows users display posts from on any part of their website.) I haven’t tried it to recommend though.

      Let me know if it works for you.

  9. Hi there! Quick question for you – when using the Medium WP plug in, does my site then receive the SEO benefit or the medium posts? Or is it iFramed in such a way that the content is still hosted from Medium.

    Let me know, thanks!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Your site should still receive the SEO benefits as your website is still the official source.
      When you cross post to Medium, your link on original website is set as “canonical” link.

      “Medium’s official tools for cross-posting (including the Migration tool, Import tool, WordPress plugin, and IFTTT) add the source it is importing from as the canonical link automatically. “

  10. Woah! This is fantastic! The walk through is very nice and easy to understand, and I’m glad you gave alternatives like IFTTT as well as suggestions on what to use for settings. I tried to download the plugin myself and didn’t know that the settings were in “Users > Your Profile.” Thanks Pradeep!!!

  11. Hi,

    I get this error when i publish: Medium Error: No publication ID specified (2013)

    But it seems to get posted on Medium anyway. So I’m not sure why this happens or how to make it go away.

    Any ideas?

  12. Hi. Useful article.
    What worries me of cross-publishing is that comments and “likes” spreads among many sites. Any hope of comments sync?

  13. The plugin doesn’t work anymore, it causes a glitch with the latest wordpress where hitting the ‘publish’ button gives you a blank white screen.

    Also, the IFTTT applet is now missing from this article. It seems medium did something that makes exporting articles from a wordpress site into medium doesn’t work very well any more.

  14. I got this error
    “`does not have all the necessary permisions for this plugin. Please generate a new one on your Medium settings page.“`

    did you know how to resolve it ?

  15. Avatar of Chris Backe Chris Backe says:

    A quick note circa May 2019: the Medium plugin for WordPress is basically dead, integration tokens can no longer be acquired, and IFTTT has triggers, but no actions.

    What does all that mean?
    * You can go from Medium to WordPress, but NOT WordPress to Medium.
    * The Medium plugin is basically useless.

    I’ve download (but not yet tested) the Blog2Social plugin, which claims to send new posts to Medium and other social media sites. No integration token is needed – when you click the link it brings up a pop-up window to authorize access to the Medium account you’re logged into…

    Otherwise, bookmark the manual import tool ( and do that for future posts…

    1. Thanks for this Chris! I stumbled across this and saw the same thing

  16. As Chris mentioned above, the plugin is discontinued. Now, I need to see if there is other plugins available.

  17. I believe medium deliberately shut down all posting channels to their platform, the plan maybe to keep people writing in their platform.

  18. Hi! I was looking for a solution the other way around. The Medium interface is easier for some writers, but the also have a blog on their WordPress website several of my clients have abounded in favor of Medium. True fact! Indeed, I see several businesses using Medium as their news outlet when the could easily just a blog to their (WordPress) website.

    I guess this isn’t possible (yet)? Thanks!


  19. I believe it requires to purchase business plan subscription from WordPress now. Which is costlier than personal.. Even though there are good alternatives at their plugin repository I’m planning to continue on medium only as a personal user.

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