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Powering over 30% of all the websites, WordPress has become the most dominant platform on the web.

WordPress today powers everything on the web from individual blogs to the websites of major publishing companies.

Check out the growth of the Platform and all other WordPress stats in real-time. You can also compare the live WordPress stats with other services such as Facebook and Twitter around the web.

See the live WordPress statistics to get an idea about activities including page views, users, posts etc on the WordPress platform.

WordPress.com Stats

It might not be representative of overall WordPress.org, but you see the live stats of WordPress.com to get a general idea of the ecosystem.

Some of the highlights of WordPress.com users include;

Total Monthly Visitors: 400 Million + visitors

Total Page Views Per Month: 20 Billion + Page views

New Posts Every Month: 70 Million + posts

You can see more on the WordPress.com live activity page.

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Stats useful for WordPress

Note: The stats put together by WP Engine, one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers, is no longer available.

The stats listed on this page previously were based on the research of WP Engine and the data available from WordPress sources are helpful to visualize what happens in WordPress world every second.

The WordPress stats are based on the existing data available from the web and research. The following stats may be useful to you.

Live WordPress Stats
  • WordPress Pages read and New WordPress readers
  • New posts, New comments, and New pages on WordPress Posts
  • New Files Uploaded
  • Spam blocked on WordPress (Akismet Plugin)
  • WordPress related searches
  • New WordPress Domains
  • WordPress Theme Downloads
  • Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr Embeds on WordPress