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Learn everything about WordPress Patterns, how to use and customise them in your editor and where to find the best block patterns. 

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Patterns are simply a combination of blocks. They are predefined block layouts making it easier for you to use and customise in the WordPress editor. 

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WordPress Patterns – Block Patterns

WordPress patterns are pre-designed layouts that can be quickly inserted into the editor while creating any content.

Patterns are essentially a group of blocks. As WordPress has now moved to the blocks editor, commonly known as the Gutenberg editor, Patterns make it easy to insert simple or complex combinations of different blocks. You can either insert WordPress patterns from the Patterns Tab on your editor or copy/paste them into your editor from other websites.

The idea with WordPress patterns is that you can then easily edit that combination of blocks to suit your needs while retaining the overall layout. If you have tried making a certain layout combining different blocks in the editor, it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to understand WordPress Patterns.

Best WordPress Block Patterns Listing

WordPress Patterns List

Explore our top recommendations for WordPress patterns along with tools and plugins for block patterns. 

We will try to update this list as we come across other useful and unique WordPress Patterns. As for now, the official WordPress directory is the best place to explore most of the WordPress patterns. 

WordPress Patterns Directory

Similar to the WordPress Themes and Plugins directory, WordPress has also officially launched the Patterns directory.

The Patterns directory features all block patterns contributed by the wider WordPress ecosystem. The directory opens the door for other contributors to submit their block patterns and make them available for the WordPress community.

Using the patterns listed on the directory is as easy as copy-pasting it in your WordPress editor. You can browse the patterns based on main categories including Buttons, Columns, Gallery, Header, Images, and Text among others. You can also save the patterns as favourites.

How to use WordPress Patterns?

Using and customising WordPress patterns is as easy as working with blocks that you might be used to already. You are essentially trying to customise multiple blocks in the case of patterns.

To get started with WordPress Patterns, follow these steps below:

  • Within your WordPress editor, click the + icon to add a new block.
  • Navigate to the Patterns Tab and browse the list of all available patterns. You can use the dropdown to select from different patterns categories.
  • Click on any Pattern to insert it in your WordPress Editor. The pattern gets inserted in the editor at the point of your current cursor.


If you are copy-pasting WordPress patterns from the official directory or other external sites, just paste them directly in your editor wherever you wish for the pattern to appear.

Once the pattern is inserted, you can then customise blocks individually while retaining the original layout.

Patterns for WordPress.com Users

WordPress.com also offers a large library of Patterns within its editor.

In addition to inserting the patterns available within the WordPress.com editor, users could also copy-paste additional blocks available on the WordPress directory.

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If you are new to WordPress, you might find our other guides covering the WordPress editor useful for your learning. 

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Build Custom WordPress Patterns

WordPress Patterns for Developers

WordPress developers can configure additional patterns available for their themes or plugin users. They can register additional block patterns in addition to the available core block patterns in the WordPress editor.

The block editor handbook available for WordPress developers has suggestions on how to register, unregister or group block patterns here.

Suggest New WordPress Patterns?

If you have suggestions for new block patterns or want to get your own WordPress Patterns listed in this post, please get in touch and let us know. 

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