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Learning WordPress is easy.

The only problem is finding the right place and the right tutorials to get started as a WordPress beginner.

As WordPress is frequently updated, most of the beginner tutorials on several websites might easily look out-dated. The screenshots or videos of the WordPress dashboard within those tutorials might look different to that of the current version of WordPress you might be using.

If you are looking to learn WorPress as a complete beginner, I advise you to try and find the latest WordPress tutorials. The easiest way to do this is to note the current version of WordPress (on WordPress.org) and see if the tutorials are catered to that specific version.

Having said that if you are looking to learn the basics of WordPress now, you might be in luck. MyThemeShop, one of the premium WordPress themes providers, has released a series of beginner-friendly videos to help you learn the basics of WordPress – WordPress 101.

These recent videos are based on one of the recent WordPress versions (WordPress 4.3) and are well organised to help you learn the basics of WordPress.

Follow along the short screencast videos on several beginner topics to help you quickly get acquainted with WordPress.

1. What is WordPress? – WordPress 101

The video introduces you to the WordPress platform.

2. WordPress.org VS WordPress.com – WordPress 101

This is the most common confusion for beginners and it's better to have a clear distinction between the two – WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

3. WordPress 101 – How To Install WordPress? – WordPress 101

Installing WordPress is one the most difficult steps for beginners. Let us know if we can help you to get started by our free WordPress installation service.

4. Introduction to the Dashboard – WordPress 101

The video helps you get familiar with the WordPress dashboard and introduces you to the main menus within the dashboard.

5. WordPress Posts VS Pages – WordPress 101

The video describes more about Posts and Pages, two different types of content that you will be creating in WordPress.

6. Introduction to WordPress Editor – WordPress 101

WordPress editor is where you will write your posts and pages.

7. Creating a WordPress Post – WordPress 101

Learn how to create your first post in WordPress.

8. How to Edit WordPress Post? – WordPress 101

Once you have created and published your posts, you might want to edit them. The video explains how to edit your posts!

9. How to Create and Edit WordPress Page? – WordPress 101

Learn how to create and edit pages, similar to creating and editing posts in the videos above.

10. Introduction to WordPress Categories & Tags – WordPress 101

Categories and tags are essential for you to understand how to organize the content of your blog.

11. Adding Images in WordPress Posts – WordPress 101

Learn how easy it is to add images to your WordPress Posts and pages using the Add Media option in the WordPress editor.

12. How to Add Videos in WordPress Posts? – WordPress 101

Learn how to embed videos in your WordPress posts using third-party services or upload your own directly to the media library.

13. Introduction to WordPress Post Formats – WordPress 101

Post formats are different types of content on your blog, such as quote, link, chat etc.. The different post formats, however, will only appear if your current theme supports them. This might be confusing to learn while getting started, so feel free to skip it if you want.

14. Creating Navigation Menu – WordPress 101

Learn how to create Menus and Manage locations of the menu (assigning menus to defined locations such as header or footer in your theme).

15. Managing Comments – WordPress 101

Learn how to manage comments that your blog readers add to your post.

16. Using Media Library – WordPress 101

You will learn how to use the media library to manage your images, videos or files that you upload to your WordPress.

17. Creating Links in Post Content – WordPress 101

Learn how to insert links in your post content. Adding both internal links and external links related to your content is essential for search engine optimization (SEO).

18. Changing the Theme – WordPress 101

You will learn how to change your WordPress themes, upload and install new themes. Check our list of WordPress themes to find the theme that suits your needs.

19. Adding & Setting Up Widgets – WordPress 101

Learn how to add and remove widgets to different areas within your WordPress theme, such as in your sidebar or footer.

20. How To Install a WordPress Plugin – WordPress 101

Learning how to install plugins can really useful if you want to extend the functionality of WordPress. Plugins let you add additional features to your website.

21. User Management – WordPress 101

Learn how to add and remove users and assign different roles to the users within your WordPress dashboard. If you have multiple authors on your blog/website, this can be really essential.

22. Updating WP to the New Version – WordPress 101

You will always need to keep your WordPress updated to the latest version and this video demonstrates you how to update your WordPress version. You can follow WordPress updates on our website to know the latest updates and features in WordPress.

23. Import and Export Feature – WordPress 101

The import and export feature can be useful for you if you want to import posts and pages from another platform such as Blogger or import content from some other WordPress blog.

You can also view the complete playlist here on YouTube and subscribe to WPism on Youtube.

MyThemeShop also has fantastic WordPress themes you can choose from for your next WordPress project. They also provide free, high-quality WordPress themes that you can download instantly.

Want more?

WP101 provides latest video tutorials to learn and keep updated with WordPress for lifetime with a single one-time purchase fee. Check out WP 101 for all latest WordPress video tutorials.

What do you think of the WordPress 101 videos? Let me know if they were helpful to you in the comments below.

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh is the founder and your host here at WPism. He is an entrepreneur and blogger living his startup life based in London and Cambridge. Follow him on Twitter or like his page on Facebook.
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  1. Wow you really put a lot of effort into these videos. As another WP blogger/video maker, I know these videos must have taken you ages (or cost you a pretty penny to have produced), so kudos!

    You are definitely making the WordPress world easier for the ‘newbies’.

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