How to Update ThemeForest Themes with Envato Market Plugin

Envato Market Plugin Update WordPress Themes from ThemeForest

Learn how to install and update ThemeForest WordPress themes using the Envato Market plugin in this quick guide.

ThemeForest is one of the most popular marketplaces to buy and sell WordPress themes. If you use a WordPress theme purchased on ThemeForest, you can learn how to easily update your WordPress theme in this quick guide.

You can learn how to check for the latest updates and update your WordPress theme from ThemeForest with a single click from your WordPress dashboard.

Unlike other WordPress themes downloaded from the official repository, you cannot easily update the premium WordPress themes purchased from ThemeForest.

Most users download the latest version of the theme from their ThemeForest account downloads page and update it manually but that’s a really time-consuming process.

Envato Market Plugin

To help with the process, ThemeForest’s parent company Envato has published an Envato Market plugin.

The plugin lets you see your purchased ThemeForest WordPress themes and plugins within your WordPress dashboard.

Envato Market Plugin Download Free

The plugin requires connecting with Envato Market API using a secure OAuth personal token to show your products.

In addition, the Envato Market plugin also lets you install and update any of your premium CodeCanyon marketplace plugins directly from your dashboard updates.

Summary – How to Update Envato ThemeForest Themes

Here's a quick summary of steps required to update Envato ThemeForest themes.

  1. Download and Install the Envato Market plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin and go to the Envato Market tab to configure the plugin.
  3. Click on the link to generate an Envato API Personal Token. Copy-paste the token and save changes.
  4. You should now see all of your Envato purchases including ThemeForest themes that you can install and update.

Additionally, you can also see updates available for any active and installed themes and plugins on your website.

Follow detailed instructions for all the above outlined steps in the rest of this article.

The Envato Market plugin replaces the previous Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin that was previously used to update ThemeForest WordPress themes. The previous WordPress Toolkit plugin will no longer be maintained and you should switch to this latest plugin.

Let’s look into how you can install the Envato Market plugin and easily update your ThemeForest WordPress themes and CodeCanyon plugins.

Installing Envato Market Plugin to Update WordPress Themes

Unlike other WordPress plugins, the Envato Market plugin is not available to install from the official WordPress plugins repository. So, you won’t be able to search and install from your Plugins page within the WordPress dashboard.

The Envato Market Plugin is hosted on GitHub and you can download the plugin from this Envato plugin page.

Step 1: Use the plugin download link on the this Envato Market plugin page.

Although hosted on Github, the plugin authors do not recommend downloading directly from Github repository “Download ZIP” as Github does not package the plugin correctly.

Step 2: Save the Envato Market Plugin archive.

Envato Market Plugin archive download

Step 3: Go to Plugins > Add New > and click on Upload Plugin at the top.

Add Plugin Upload New Envato Market Plugin

Step 4: Click on Choose File and select the file from where you saved and click on Install now.

Install Plugin Envato Market WordPress

Step 5: Click on Activate Plugin to activate the Envato Market Plugin.

Activate the Envato Market Plugin

You can also install the plugin by unzipping the archive and uploading the envato-market folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory using an FTP program.

Step 6: After the plugin is active, go to Envato Market tab from your WordPress dashboard.

Envato Market WordPress Dashboard

Step 7: You will need to configure the plugin by adding an Envato API Personal Token. Click the suggested link in the instructions to generate a personal token. (You can find the link to generate a personal token with required instructions on this page).

Create Envato WordPress API token

Scroll down on the page with all the required permissions selected and click on Create Token at the end of the page.

Create Token at the end of the page Envato

Make sure you only enable the required permissions including;

  • View and search Envato sites
  • Download your purchased items
  • List purchases you've made

See the screenshot below for enabling the required permissions.

Envato Market Plugin Permissions

You can either use a Global OAuth Personal Token or a Single Use OAuth Personal Tokens.The difference is clearly explained on the page.

Step 8: You will see a success page with an option to copy your secret token key. Copy the key and confirm that you have copied the key from the page.

Copy your secret Envato token key

Envato will not save the secret token key and if will have to generate a new key if you lose it.

Step 9: Enter the Envato API Secret token key and click on Save Changes.

Enter the Envato API Secret token key

Step 10: You should now see all of your purchased WordPress themes from your ThemeForest account.

Envato Market Plugin Updates and Purchases

Click on Install Now to install any of your purchased WordPress themes from your ThemeForest account.

You can also see if any updates are available for your currently installed and active WordPress themes from this page.

Installing Envato Market Plugin via WP-CLI

If you are a developer and like installing plugins via WP-CLI, you can use a single line code to install the plugin.

wp plugin install

You can also apply the available theme updates via WP-CLI.

Updating Plugins with Envato Market Plugin

Besides WordPress themes, you can also see your purchased plugins from Envato's WordPress plugins marketplace – CodeCanyon in the dashboard.

Click on the Plugins tab to access plugins from your CodeCanyon account.

Envato Market Update Plugins Page

Envato Market > Plugins

You should see the listings of your purchased plugins and any available updates on this page.

Final Thoughts on Envato Market Plugin

Envato Market Plugin definitely makes it easier to update premium themes and plugins purchased from their ThemeForest and Codecanyon marketplace.

Several theme and plugin authors on those marketplaces are also implementing the plugin in their items making it easier for the users to have a reliable and consistent experience.

I am sure many of the ThemeForest users will enjoy this plugin and appreciate Envato's work of simplifying this complicated update process.

If you are stuck and need any help, there's now a Help Tab within the configuration page which can help you troubleshoot any issues. There are also instructions for how you can contact Envato or the support of a specific Theme or Plugin.

Did you know? Envato has released a subscription-based marketplace that allows you to access unlimited WordPress themes, plugins and over 300k creative assets, photos & more for just $19/month.

Use our Envato Elements Coupon to save 30% OFF your subscription (while the offer lasts).

Also, use our Envato Market Coupon to see all the available offers for Envato products.

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  1. Hello Pradeep,

    This is very informative post from your side 🙂

    I am getting to know about the Envato market plug in for the first time here and surely it looks very promising. Themeforest wordpress theme is a great place for getting or selling out for the themes, as after getting a theme to get the latest update was very head freezing and it also took much of time to get that done.

    The steps and guide you provided up here will surely make the things easy to get this thing done quickly without any hurdles.

    Thanks for the share


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