Jetpack Social Media Icons Widget WordPress

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  1. Hello Pradeep,

    Good tips over here 🙂

    Indeed having a social media widget option on our wordpress plugin is very important if we want to crave out the best and to drive more traffic on our web sites. I f people find our blogs well enough they surely wants to connect us on various social media platform, so that they can interact with us and also to stay tuned about our latest project on which
    we are working on.
    Thus if doesn’t have a a social media widget on their web site then surely they are missing a lot of opportunities behind.

    This is a good tutorial to install the social media widget on jetpack plugin.

    The steps you mentioned up here is good to go with and screen shot are helping a lot.

    I would be sharing this one’s so that freshers who are using jetpack can have social media widget on their page.

    Thanks for th share.


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