O2 Plugin released publicly on GitHub

As Automattic plans to shift its focus on only core products, a project that it had been long working on has become publicly available on GitHub.

O2 plugin for WordPress that enables collaboration for teams with instant front-end posting capabilities has been now released for public use.

o2 Plugin WordPress on GitHub

The announcement was made by Kevin Conboy at the recent WordCamp Denver. See the tweet below mentioning the announcement from Michael Arestad at the WordCamp.

O2 is the newer version of P2 theme that many of you might be familiar with. It’s the real time communication platform based on WordPress. The landing page of O2 mentions the tagline of the product, as “communication is oxygen” and is based around the idea of reducing businesses communications over email.

Beau Lebens, O2 project team leader had previously spoken about the future and state of development of the O2 at WordCamp San Francisco back in 2013.

o2 Plugin WordPress Homepage

P2’s successor O2, however, is released as a stand-alone plugin and might not be compatible with all WordPress themes. The GitHub read me file recommends the use of p2-breathe theme along with the O2 plugin, which can also be downloaded for free.

In addition, the plugin also requires Genericon'd plugin (Genericons already included if you are using Jetpack) and SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin if you want to enable posting code blocks.

o2 Plugin WordPress Theme

WordPress in combination with P2 was used by several businesses to facilitate internal communications. WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg had previously written about how P2 had completely transformed internal communications at Automattic.

The company still mentions that they track about 70% of their projects on P2-themed WordPress.com blogs and rest on in private chat rooms and Slack.

Releasing O2 as a plugin and making it open source will definitely help other developers to write their own extensions and themes for O2. But with growing use of platforms like Slack, is O2 still a better option?

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