Manage your WordPress Admin Menu with Free Menu Manager Plugin

Manage Admin Menu Plugin WordPress

Looking to customise your WordPress admin menus? A free Admin Menu Manager plugin now lets you easily manage your WordPress admin menu using a simple drag & drop interface.

WordPress Admin Menu Plugin

One simple thing that the WordPress core lacks is the ability to manage the menu items in the WordPress backend. As WordPress is extensively used to meet variety of needs, it’s obvious that different users will have different priorities and usage-frequency of the menu items. Also, who wouldn’t like arranging the menu items as per their need and convenience?

Additionally, such ability to manage has increasingly become essential as several themes and plugins providers have started adding their menu items higher in the admin menu section.

The Admin Menu Manager plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to just drag & drop menu items wherever you need. It also lets you easily categorise your menu items as per your need.

WordPress Admin Menu Manager Plugin Settings

Watch the quick demo video below that shows you how you could quickly install and start customising your WordPress admin menus.

Download the Plugin on Plugin Directory

The plugin is really simple to use and doesn’t even have any settings page of its own. As you can see in the video, you just have to click on the “Edit Menu” to start modifying the position of menu items. You can also drag menu items from top-level items to a sub-menu and vice-versa for easier access.

Admin Menu Manager plugin is created by the required+ team along with WordPress developer Pascal Birchler. The team believes that this feature improves user experience by further improving the WordPress admin.

This is the first version of the plugin and is currently at 1.0.3 as of writing this post.

The team has already promised the second version of the plugin with several new features including,

  • Completely remove (and restore) menu items
  • Edit existing menu items and their icons
  • Add custom items to the admin menu

This plugin can be really useful to you if you want to customise the WordPress admin menu to suit your needs.

What do you think of the plugin?

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Pradeep Singh
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