Javascript Tips for WordPress Developers WPism


  1. Hi Tracey,

    I’m so grateful of you sharing this inspirational tutorial to learn JavaScript very easily.

    JavaScript called client side programming language and it is run web browser. The resources you have suggested here to learn JavaScript very well is appreciable and I have just checked these all sites each one is perfect for learning JavaScript. I have bookmarked these all for regular reading.

    Reading the article made me easy to learn and understand the JavaScript and I think there is no need to contact the tutors for it. Because here is complete guide to learn it very well. Since JavaScript knowledge is necessary for WordPress, we must focus to enhance knowledge of JavaScript ASAP.

    Anyway, thanks for the useful stuff to learn JavaScript very soon. No need browse other things about it.
    Keep sharing such awesome article always. 🙂
    – Ravi.

  2. Great post. i m also learning java these days 🙂

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