Integrate Discourse Forum with WordPress


  1. Pradeep handy tutorial. Have you used it on a forum?? If yes, how’s the experience of posting & SSO?

    1. Hi Harsh,
      Thank you for your comment and glad that you found it handy.
      Yes, I love the experience of posting and comments. I am still not comfortable with SSO, mostly because I want to keep the userbase clean on the WordPress side. Although the plugin works well and creates a new user on Discourse after they have entered their credentials on the WordPress site (redirected to the login page if they are signing in for the first time on Discourse).
      You already have a Discourse forum for Shoutmeloud, right? If you have already allowed users to create accounts on the main website, I don’t see the integration as any problem. Otherwise, you might want to take some time to think about it.

  2. Avatar of James Katt James Katt says:

    What membership plugins work for both WordPress and Discourse?

  3. Avatar of John-Bunya Klutse John-Bunya Klutse says:

    This is an amazing forum plugin. I recently deployed on it after having experience it somewhere. I had some little changes installing it, but it is looking pretty good now.

  4. Avatar of mudgil gaurav mudgil gaurav says:

    I am installing this plugin for my WP site , plugin installed successfully now for settings it asks discourse URL so what be the document root for this URL off-course DNS entry would be same as site public IP , from where to get the API key it says you can find it under

    Please suggest.

  5. This appears to only provide functionality to link discourse for commenting. What I’m hoping to accomplish is to have my entire discourse site on a “community” page of my wordpress site. Is this not possible?

    1. Hi Bryan!
      Yes, this is mostly about taking WordPress posts for conversation on Discourse. It helps you to publish selected posts as Forum topics on Discourse and thus use Discourse for comments and discussions for WordPress posts.

      You can obviously install discourse on and have similar design of both WordPress blog and Discourse.

      1. Do I understand this correctly: you can only display discourse comments on a WP blog post if that post is also published on discourse?

        And is it so that even when comments are displayed on WP, users will not be able to post their comments directly from there but are taken to discourse to submit their comment?

  6. Interesting, Thank You so much for this article i was looking for such forum plugins as am little disappointed by other plugins available in wordpress.

    Thank You again!!

  7. Very helpful article Discourse forum is amazing.

  8. Hello. I am considering this plugin mostly to have single login for my users. My WordPress site is very young and the Discourse forum is not yet launched. In the plugin instructions it states,

    “Single Sign On from WordPress to Discourse
    The plugin also comes with optional SSO functionality which lets you use your WordPress site as the
    Single Sign On provider for your Discourse forum.

    This will override Discourse’s native (and powerful) login flow and is only recommended for use cases
    that strictly require such a setup, e.g. a site that is already using WordPress for large scale user management.”

    What is meant by this? What do I lose from Discourse login flow? I really want to make this seamless for my users to have a single login. What are the problems with setting this up.

    I note that I am not necessarily interested in using Discourse for comments on blog posts, or blog posts as topics in the forum, but I might do this anyhow if it is easy and makes sense. My main concern is to enable single login for the user.

  9. Hi. Thanks for the post. You mention that the plugin has the ability to publish selected posts as Forum topics on Discourse, but i only see the option to publish ALL BLOG posts to a SPECIFIC DISCOURSE category. Is there a way to only publish posts from a specific WP Category to a specific Discourse Category?

  10. Avatar of Asif Shaik Asif Shaik says:

    I never heard of this Discourse forum. I definitely give it a try.

  11. You explained in detail. This is very beneficial for beginners. Thanks

  12. Avatar of Yang Zilian Yang Zilian says:

    Can you set up 3 different WordPress installations that all connect into the same Discourse forum? For example, there might be 3 categories in the Discourse forum (politics, travel, restaurants) and you want to have 3 different blogs:,, and

    Can you link to any good implementations of a WordPress website that is integrated to a Discourse forum?

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