Free WordPress Themes January 2016 Collection

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  1. Hi Pradeep Singh !
    It is only theme which can change the look of a site and make it dynamic and very necessary to users . Thanks a lot for sharing such essential theme here .

  2. Hey There! What theme do you use? I know it’s customized , but what’s the theme you took as a basis?

  3. Hi Pradeep! Thanks for this collection. I like Munding Lite theme due to its clean simplicity and typography. However, we launched our new free wp theme Alphabet: in January (see demo at So please take a look on it, perhaps it can meet your requirements. It’s clean, responsive and provides wide range of awesome features. Thank you!

  4. These really are some of the best WordPress themes. They look fresh and all of them have a different feel about them. I hate it when I see several themes that I fancy. It’s hard making the choice!

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