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  1. the plugin not have new update. and not working for my wordpress site

  2. Its a really good plugin. I’m using it since 1 year and its working smoothly with the updates.
    Thanks for upvoting this plugin by providing such a useful article about it.

    1. It’s a good idea but unfortunately this plugin has not been updated in more than two years. Do you know of any similar alternatives that will work with modern themes?

      Best regards,

  3. Im Also using this plugin.
    Its so simple and works well on my blog.

  4. Very simple to add floating sidebar. thanks for the plugin , it had made my site’s navigation easier

  5. jagdish tiwari says:

    It was so simple to use this plugin.Hey man Thanks for the information. Appreciate it.

  6. Nestor Paul says:

    I also got this plugin and it is not working properly in my blog. sometime it sticks and sometimes its not..

  7. Cathy taylor says:

    Interesting Plugin, is it have any premium Version?

  8. sudarsan panda says:

    it Is the best plugin for making WordPress sidebar stickey..I am using this plugin scince 6 month.

  9. Ashish Parajuli says:

    Thanks man the info man. I was searching about it for whole day n i finally got the tutorial.

  10. Blogeshwar says:

    Hello Pradeep, Can we use separate sidebars for pages and posts as some of our pages are long and some pages are short.

    1. pradeepdotco says:

      Hi Blogeshwar, you will need another plugin for different sidebars and this one to make a certain widget sticky. (There might also be other plugins that do both of these things you are looking to do).

  11. Navin Rao says:

    sticky sidebars are always being so fruitful. Certainly, a blogger and a serial online marketer understand it the best. Q2W3 is an awesome plugin and always being updated regularly, which makes it more selectable.

    Nice walkthrough guide Pradeep.

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