Data Visualization Wordpress Plugin Graphiq


  1. Any thoughts on how Graphiq effects seo, helps or hurts?

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I don’t think Graphiq can hurt SEO as we are using data visualizations related to post content that have useful outbound links. If that’s sufficient to impact SEO in a positive way, I am not sure as it’s similar to adding links to related content around the web (which is definitely considered as a good practice for SEO).

  3. Avatar of Tyler Lubben Tyler Lubben says:

    I don’t think Graphiq can hurt SEO as we are utilizing information representations identified with post content that have helpful outbound connections. On the off chance that that is adequate to affect SEO emphatically, I am not certain as it’s like adding connections to related substance around the web (which is unquestionably considered as a decent practice for SEO).

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