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Learn more about Atlas – the headless WordPress solution from WP Engine and explore resources to help understand if it’s the right solution for you. 

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Complete Headless WordPress Platform

What is Atlas by WP Engine?

WP Engine now makes it easier for developers to build headless WordPress solutions with their Atlas platform. Headless WordPress is the future for developer-focused website architecture. With headless, developers can build fast dynamic websites and extend the core capabilities of the world’s most popular content management system.

Developers looking to build dynamic websites for better performance and in combination with other modern frameworks hugely benefit from the headless WordPress solutions. Many developers are trying to stretch the boundaries of WordPress by combining it with other modern development frameworks.

Atlas is a powerful headless WordPress platform by WP Engine that can help developers looking to build flexible and modern headless architecture solutions. WP Engine believes developers looking for dedicated resources, scalability, security, and data integrations will find the headless WordPress approach suitable for their needs.

More and more enterprise users of WordPress software are already building headless solutions. In their recent headless WordPress research report, WP Engine mentions that more than 64% of their enterprise clients are using headless. With Atlas, WP Engine is paving the way to help developers build modern digital experiences using headless WordPress.

Why Atlas - WP Engine?

Atlas enables a complete headless WordPress platform for websites looking for speed and dynamic experiences.

Rich and dynamic experiences

Atlas makes it possible to bring all the rich and extensive features of WordPress, a world-class CMS into the headless space. Features such as post edits and previews, SEO optimisations, different layouts and pages options, which are all essential to publishers are enabled in the headless version of WordPress by Atlas.

Atlas Headless WordPress WP Engine CMS Features
Atlas Headless WordPress WP Engine Apps

Increased speed and performance

Atlas introduces Node Engine, fasted global node platform and includes accelerated technology for managed Node.js hosting. This includes features such as static CDN, full API control, auto-scaling platform, error logs, and custom domain mapping among others. All such developer-focused features of their Node.js platform are geared towards helping developers build dynamic experiences without compromising the speed.

Multiple Developer Frameworks

As a developer-focused platform, Atlas unsurprisingly tries to tackle the pain points of developers in the headless space. With Atlas, developers have the option to chose from modern frameworks including Next.js, React, Angular, Vue, Frontity, and Gatsby. The platform is also highly configurable using their common line tool – WP Engine Headless CLI tool.

Atlas Headless WP Engine Developer Frameworks
Faust js headless WordPress WP Engine

Faust.js – Headless WordPress Framework

As part of Atlas, WP Engine has released Faust.js, a framework for building front-end applications for headless WordPress sites. Faust.js solves several problems related to building Headless WordPress with a set of tools that make it easy to build front-end applications.

WP Engine has released a WordPress plugin, a set of npm packages, and guides for the Faust.js framework making it easy for developers to start building headless WordPress applications. Learn more here on WP Engine.

With a majority share of the CMS realm, WordPress is already the top CMS in the world and WP Engine now aims to make it the leading CMS of the headless world. As one of the leading companies in the WordPress space, WP Engine definitely has the resources and capabilities to do so!

WP Engine has introduced some of the best WordPress related products. Their managed WordPress hosting solution and eCommerce WooCommerce hosting solution are among the highly-rated options in the industry. If you haven’t tried their hosting platform already, you can use our WP Engine coupon code to get 20% OFF on their hosting plans. 

You might also want to explore some of the other leading products from WP Engine such as Local WP, Genesis Framework (including StudioPress themes). 

The WP Engine team have also released a Local add-on for Atlas if you use their Local tool for local WordPress development. 

Explore Atlas by WP Engine?

WP Engine have also launched a dedicated developer resources portal for Headless WordPress solutions featuring all the latest best practices and video guides. 

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