Best Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Google Adsense optimised WordPress Themes

Using Google AdSense Ads is one of the major ways to monetize blogs and the platform has been a top earning source for several bloggers lately. Most bloggers concerned about monetization, are always looking for ways to optimize their website to make most out of their AdSense ads.

WordPress allows several customizations in the theme and so it's clearly a top choice for bloggers but if you don't have development skills, you will have to depend on looking for pre-built themes that match your interest. And finding a good Google AdSense optimized WordPress theme can be a challenge as most themes have sidebar and header spaces for Ads and all of them add a tag of being AdSense friendly.

WordPress themes designed with publishers and bloggers in mind ensure Ad widgets and right spots to make most out of the available AdSense Ad units on a page. As there are only three AdSense Ad units allowed on a page, displaying them at the right place makes all the difference.

Using an AdSense optimized WordPress theme for your blog can be really helpful if Google AdSense is a primary source of your blog revenue. AdSense optimized WordPress themes can ensure maximum revenue by helping you place your Ads in optimal places that your site visitors will see and click, thereby increasing the Click-through rate (CTR) for your AdSense Ads.

Let's first look into features that you should consider in finding an AdSense optimized theme and we will go through the list of some of such best themes available in 2017.

Features of AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Most WordPress themes that are built with publishers in mind, mostly the Newspaper and online magazine themes have built-in options for Ad Management or at least dedicated spots on the page that lets you add AdSense Ad widgets.
This includes several of the StudioPress themes and MyThemeShop themes. Few themes, however, have taken Google AdSense optimization very seriously by,

  • Support features to make AdSense Ads responsive
  • Built-in solutions for those using Ad blockers (decide to show you content to only those that allow bypassing Ad blockers for your website).
  • AdSense Ad spots in places to ensure high CTR (mostly inside your post content after certain paragraphs).
  • Support for popular Adsense Ad sizes such as 300 x 250 medium rectangle, 728 x 90 leaderboard etc.

Making sure your Ad is seen by most of your visitors across all devices and screen sizes and has a high CTR are key factors to decide while choosing an AdSense optimized theme.

List of Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

We bring you the collection of best Google AdSense optimized WordPress themes in this post. Browse through the collection of best AdSense WordPress themes and see if any of the themes matches your interests.

1. Ad-Sense WordPress Theme – MyThemeShop

Ad-Sense WordPress Adsense Theme MyThemeshop

Ad-Sense WordPress theme from MyThemeShop is one of the best AdSense friendly WordPress themes designed to help you make most out of your Ads.

The theme comes with a built-in solution to deal with Ad blockers, one of the major concerns recently for bloggers that account for losing revenue from Ads. You can decide to show your content only to users that allow your Ads bypassing the Ad blocking software.

Ad-Sense theme allows you to display AdSense or other Ads in most optimal places including the header and navigation area, below post titles, and below post content.

The Ad-Sense WordPress theme boasts several other Ad related features like better Ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad blocking software users.

2. Magazine Pro WordPress Theme – StudioPress

Magazine Pro Adsense WordPress theme

Demo | Download

One of the most popular StudioPress themes, Magazine Pro Theme, features Ad placement options for recommended AdSense units – Leaderboard Ad (728 x 90) and Sidebar Ads (300 x 250), or (300 x 600).

The Magazine Pro Theme is powered by the prestigious Genesis framework that comes with lots of theme functions including multiple layout options, custom page templates, mobile responsive, and different colour options.

If you need a professional, fast loading WordPress theme with a minimalist look, Magazine pro could be your best option.

3. Newspaper WordPress Theme – tagDiv

Newspaper WordPress Theme new version AdSense Optimised

Demo | Download

Newspaper WordPress Theme by tagDiv consistently makes it to the weekly best selling list of Themeforest. It is also the best-selling News theme of all time on the popular WordPress themes marketplace, ThemeForest.

The Newspaper theme is mainly built with news newspaper, magazine, publishing or review sites in mind and features several Ads options to monetize your content.

One of the unique features of the theme is that it has built-in support for responsive Google AdSense and other Ads. The theme comes with 13 predefined Ad spots with a complete section for Ads configuration in its theme options panel. You even have the options to add 5 more custom Ad spots, if that's not entirely sufficient.

The best part of the Newspaper theme – it has an intelligent ad system that automatically detects AdSense Ads and makes them responsive on devices of all sizes.

4. Cookd Pro WordPress Theme – StudioPress

Cookd Pro WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Cook'd pro theme is one of the latest themes available for StudioPress members. The theme is modern, minimal and responsive theme based on the Genesis framework.

The theme is mostly catered for food blogs, but the clean and responsive design makes it suitable for a variety of blogs. Cookd pro theme comes with dedicated spaces for leaderboard and sidebar advertisements.

The theme has suitable built-in locations for recommended AdSense ad sizes. You can easily insert AdSense units of a leaderboard (728 x 90) and Sidebar Ads of recommended sizes  (300 x 250), or (300 x 600).

5. Divi WordPress Theme – Elegant Themes

Divi WordPress Theme for Adsense

Demo | Download

One of the ultimate multi-purpose themes, Divi theme is the most popular offering from Elegant themes. The theme is powered by the Divi Builder, that makes it easy to add and move around elements to achieve a custom layout.

Divi WordPress theme also comes with a custom theme options panel that has built in support for including Ads such as AdSense.

The ability to customise the layout according to your desire makes it easy to insert Ads wherever you want in your theme layout.

Divi is a very popular theme used by more than 300k customers of Elegant Themes and it has been translated in 32 different languages.

6. MH Magazine WordPress Theme – MH Themes

MH Magazine WordPress Theme for Adsense Theme

Demo | Download

The header and sidebar advertisement areas of MH Magazine WordPress Theme are optimised for the recommended AdSense Ads sizes. The theme also comes with several other advertisement widgets to help you place the Ads in the right place.

MH Magazine is a versatile WordPress theme catering to different niches. The theme has demo websites for fifteen different styles including Standard magazine, Lifestyle magazine, Technology magazine, Health, Education, Wildlife, Sports, Travel, News, Food and more.

If you are looking for a magazine style theme for news websites, online magazines, blogs and other editorial related projects, MH Magazine Theme can be a great choice. MH Magazine is one of the most popular WordPress magazine themes used by thousands of blogs in over 110 countries.

The theme can suitably include the top recommended Ad units including 728×90 (leaderboard) in the header, 336×280 (large rectangle), 300×250 (medium rectangle) in sidebar and below content.

7. Schema WordPress Theme – MyThemeShop

Schema WordPress Theme for Adsense Theme MyThemeShop

Demo | Download

Schema WordPress theme is mostly built with speed and SEO in mind. It's one of the fastest WordPress themes that challenges other well-built framework themes such as Genesis.

Like other MyThemeShop themes, Schema comes with built in Ad management options which lets you decide the placement of your Ads. Although you don't see the Ad placement boxes in theme demo, there are several options that lets you control your exact placement of the Ads.

I would recommend using the  728×90 (leaderboard) AdSense Ad unit just beside logo in the header if you decide to use this Schema theme.

Schema also comes with other options such as built in review support and support for Rich snippets which can boost your SEO and thus your page views. Getting more visitors on your website helps you get more views on your Ads and thus more clicks.

8. Truemag AdSense Optimised WordPress Theme

Truemag AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Truemag is one of the truly AdSense optimized WordPress themes built specifically with ultimate monetization in mind. The theme supports fully responsive Google AdSense ad units to ensure right Ads are displayed across all devices and screen sizes.

The advertisement areas in the theme are placed in hot spots that ensure best possible earnings from your AdSense ads blended in your website content.

As an additional bonus, Trumag theme is also WooCommerce compatible and supports BuddyPress and bbPress. If you are using WooCommerce, BuddyPress or bbPress, Truemag theme might be the best choice to consider in addition to having a truly AdSense optimized theme.

9. Nominal WordPress Theme – MyThemeShop

Nominal Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes - MyThemeShop

Demo | Download

Nominal is a clean and responsive WordPress theme with a dedicated space for AdSense ads directly on top of your content and on top of the right sidebar.

The AdSense Ad spaces are all available as widgets, meaning you can just click and save for ad placements. Nominal also has options panel that lets you control all features including the Advertisements.

In addition to being a revenue focused theme, Nominal is optimized for speed in order to improve user experience and search engine optimization.

10. FlyMag Pro WordPress Theme – ThemeIsle

FlyMag Pro Adsense Optimised WordPress Theme ThemeIsle

Demo | Download

FlyMag Pro WordPress theme is a perfectly suitable theme for online magazines. The theme claims to be versatile can be used for a variety of blogs.

FlyMag Pro comes with several content display widgets that allow you to showcase your content in different ways. Other built-in widgets can be used to shows Ads including AdSense units in places that you like amongst the content widgets.

The theme comes with several other features suitable for SEO such as integrated WP Product Review plugin helping you write search engine friendly reviews.

In addition to carousels and sliders, Ad widgets are what you should be really looking for in FlyMag Pro theme to help you place those AdSense ad units where ever you want.

11. Magazine WordPress Theme – Themify

Magazine Themify AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Magazine is a 3-column WordPress theme from Themify designed to be suitable for online magazine and news websites. The theme's focus on advertisements and monetization is easily evident from the demo and theme description.

Themify describes Magazine as a theme designed to emphasize advertisements as you can see Ad spots in prominent areas designed to perfectly fit with most standard sizes of Google AdSense ads.

Themify is powered by Themify Builder, that lets you simply drag and drop to build any kind of layout you want. This gives you even more flexibility in deciding where you want the Ads to appear.

12. NewsOnline WordPress Theme – MyThemeShop

NewsOnline Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme MyThemeShop

Demo | Download

NewsOnline is a fluid responsive WordPress theme mainly targeted for news magazines. The beautiful design of NewsOnline theme also integrates advertising spaces in spaces ensuring maximum CTR and conversion.

The theme is highly targeted for monetization and the AdSense Ads are well integrated to avoid distraction for your visitors.

NewsOnline has several variations of sidebars and you can choose and decide what works best for you. Feel free to check out mutliple demo versions of the theme . Clean commented code, social media buttons, ratings and reviews etc are few other features of the theme.

13. The Voux Magazine Theme – ThemeForest

Voux AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

The Voux  is a comprehensive and professional magazine theme by Fuelthemes available on ThemeForest. The theme looks similar to popular fashion magazine websites with several modern and stylish features.

The fixed sidebar has a prominent Ad spot to ensure your AdSense ads will have a high CTR. The theme also allows auto loading next post and has a nice spot for Advertisement in between. It's guaranteed to keep your visitors for longer on your page while driving more eyeballs to the advertisements around the page.

The theme is built with the drag and drop interface of Visual Composer, which means you can also build unlimited layouts of your choice with the visual composer. In addition, the theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce, in case you have a store too.

14. GoMedia Theme – Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie Go Media Theme Adsense Friendly

Demo | Download

GoMedia Theme is another magazine style theme full of customization options and settings. The theme is advertising ready with several advertisement slots in the prime location.

The theme looks inspired by some of the top online blogs and is easy to configure using the default WordPress customizer. GoMedia has four locations suitable for Adsense Ads on its homepage preview with a suggestion for most popular Adsense Ad sizes 300 x 250 medium rectangle, the 728 x 90 leaderboard.

GoMedia WordPress theme can be perfect for online magazines websites, news websites, and personal blogs.

15. TruePixel WordPress Theme – MyThemeShop

TruePixel Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme MyThemeShop

Demo | Download

Mostly suitable for blogs, TruePixel is another WordPress theme from MyThemeShop that is highly optimised for Google AdSense. The theme proudly enlists AdSense optimised on top among its several features.

TruePixel is a well designed responsive theme that loads fast on both desktop and mobile devices. It has got an engaging layout that is focused on usability and promised to decrease your bounce rate – helping you keep users for longer on your website.

If you are looking for a WordPress theme mainly for your blog, TruePixel can be the right choice and of course, it's Adsense optimized to ensure higher CPCs, CTRs, and RPMs (all metrics of Google AdSense).

16. Admania AdSense Optimized Theme – ThemeForest

Admania Adsense Optimised WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Admania Theme is one of the AdSense optimized WordPress themes built entirely with AdSense and affiliate enthusiasts in mind.

Unsurprisingly, the theme has countless options to include your Ads including Header Ad, Slider Ad, List Post Ad, Grid Post Ad, Footer Ad, Single post content Ad, Single post content para Ad, Single post content bottom Ad, Single Post Magic Ad, Page post content Ad, Page post content para Ad, Page post content bottom Ad and Page Post Magic Ad (phew!).

As if the Ad spots weren't sufficient, the theme also comes with front end live editor for Ad options.

Admania theme comes with five AdSense-ready template layouts that let you insert the ads at the high-conversion places and thus increase the click through rate (CTR) of your AdSense Ads.

Admania is your best choice if you want the AdSense Ads in the exact places of your choice in a WordPress theme. The theme also has a good page speed score, is SEO optimized and is schema-friendly among other features.

Final Advice for Choosing Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Please make sure you choose themes that are not just optimized for AdSense Ads but also are optimized for SEO and speed. In addition to having a good content, a well-optimized WordPress theme in overall areas such as speed, security, and SEO can significantly boost your AdSense earnings.

There should be plenty of other AdSense optimized WordPress themes available on other marketplaces such as ThemeForest. We will keep an eye and continuously update this list, but if you didn't find your perfect theme from the above list, make sure you check out the popular WordPress themes on ThemeForest.

Did you like any themes from the above list of AdSense optimized WordPress themes? Let us know if the list was useful to you.

AdSense Optimised WordPress Themes

Choose from our extensive list of best AdSense optimised WordPress themes that can help you increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your AdSense Ads and thus make more money from your blog.

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh

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  1. Good that you have included my Ad-optimized WordPress theme, Admania in your list. But you have wrongly linked to some other theme.

    If you please check and add the correct link, it would be a great help for me. Thanks for adding my theme to your list.


    1. Hi Sakthi!

      Thank you for pointing that out. I have now corrected the link.

      It’s a really nice theme – I would say one of the best to fit the criteria of the list for what users are looking for. And so really glad to include it.

      Keep up the good work.

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