WordPress Brands and Businesses

WordPress Businesses

The WordPress ecosystem is made up of several high profile brands and businesses. As WordPress is an open-source platform, there are many businesses that are built around offering additional services and extending the capabilities of the core platform.

We have listed some of the most popular and frequently discussed WordPress brands and businesses on this page.

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Top WordPress Hosting Companies

WordPress Hosting Brands

Some of the biggest WordPress brands are known for their WordPress hosting services. While some of them specifically offer managed WordPress hosting services, others are known for their entire range of web hosting solutions.

Hosting is the most lucrative service in the WordPress ecosystem and as such there are hundreds of WordPress brands in this category. You can also see most of these brands discussed in detail in our WordPress hosting guides.

Top WordPress Companies offering Tools and Services

WordPress Tools and Services Brands

Several WordPress brands are known for their related tools and services such as offering premium plugins, themes, and page builders among others.

We cover several of these plugins and themes in our WordPress plugins listings and WordPress themes list.

WordPress Digital Agencies

WordPress Agencies – Brands

There are also several digital agencies that are fully focused on WordPress and are known for WordPress specific works. They also contribute significantly back to the WordPress ecosystem whether that’s by contributing to the core software development or by releasing plugins to extend WordPress functionalities.

Besides these WordPress agencies, there are several other digital agencies that list WordPress as one of their major specialisations.

WordPress Website Brands

WordPress Blogs and Websites

There are also several blogs and websites that are fully dedicated to covering everything WordPress. The blog you are currently reading is certainly one of them.
Why List Brands and Businesses?

WordPress Brands Listings

As a WordPress blog, we cover several WordPress businesses and services frequently in our articles. You might be already familiar with most of these WordPress brands if you have been a WordPress user for a while but for new users just exploring the WordPress world, knowing these top brands and businesses can be really helpful.

We aim to list some of the most popular and frequently discussed WordPress brands and businesses on this page. We will also guide you to useful posts such as reviews and comparison guides if you are in the process of choosing a tool or a service and trying to compare similar brands.

You might be wondering:

Isn’t WordPress Free? What are WordPress Businesses?

While WordPress itself is free to download and install, users need to pay for tools and services such as hosting, premium plugins and themes, and other related tools which are offered by several WordPress brands and businesses.

How big is the WordPress economy?

The WordPress economy must be worth hundreds of billions with several influential and significant WordPress brands and businesses that exist today. A recent 2021 study from WP Engine estimated the WordPress economy to be in excess of 500 Billion dollars.

Suggest a WordPress Brand?

Do you want to recommend any other influential WordPress brand that we might have missed on this page? Perhaps, you want to get your brand or business listed on this page? Contact us and let us know.
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