Publishing WordPress Products and Services Coupons on WPism

We at WPism list coupons and discount codes for some of the recommended products and services related to WordPress.

WPism WordPress Coupons publish

You can see all WordPress Coupons listed on this page for several WordPress related products and services such as Theme Stores, WordPress Hosting Providers, Plugins and other services.

First, let’s look into why it’s worth providing your customers with coupons and then I will discuss how you can get your service listed on WPism coupons section.

Is it worth publishing coupons?

Coupons have worked for a long time and the recent studies examining shopping behaviours have proved that they are really effective.

A recent study undertaken by Google and comScore, as presented at the Commission Junction’s annual conference (CJU18) examined the behaviours of shoppers exposed to online coupons and paid search coupon ads and found that Affiliate coupons are effective & incremental.

The study found that providing coupons can be effective for the following aspects;

  • Coupon customers are more likely to purchase and convert.
Coupons More Likely to purchase and convert
  • A significant percentage of coupon customers become repeat customers and generally spend more compared to general shoppers.
Coupon repeat purchases
  • Coupon customers become more loyal to the brand as they have significantly higher chances of searching the brand only keywords and more likely to remember the brand in their searches.
Coupon Purchasers More Loyal brand

You can view the complete infographic as presented by here.

How to get listed on WPism Coupons Section?

Here’s what you will need if you want your WordPress products and services to be listed on the WPism Coupon section.

  • Please provide us with a personalised coupon code exclusive to WPism visitors offering maximum discount possible.
  • Please provide us with creatives and resources that can be useful in creating a listing for your products and services.
  • This can be things like your logo, original short info, and display banners.

Please get in touch with us using our contact us page or simply email pradeep @ this domain to get in touch.