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MalCare Coupon

MalCare is a WordPress security service that continuously protects your website and offers automatic daily malware scanning and one-click malware clean-up solutions.

If you are looking for a WordPress security plugin that offers peace of the mind by protecting your website in the background, MalCare might be the right solution.

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Why MalCare?

Developed using a proprietary algorithm, MalCare is the first fully automatic WordPress malware scanning and cleaning plugin. The algorithm behind the MalCare was developed after analyzing over 200k+ Websites and uses 100+ signals to scan and identify malware on your website.

MalCare Features

MalCare has several security features that make it a total security solution for your WordPress website. Some of the major MalCare features include;

Malware Scan

MalCare automatically scans your website with its powerful algorithm that ensures no malware skips its watch.

As MalCare automatically tracks all the changes made in your WordPress files, it’s easy to identify and accurately detect the exact location of malware on your website.

The best part of MalCare scan is that scanning runs on MalCare servers without overloading your hosting servers. Using BlogVault’s advanced and smart sync process, it ensures your website speed doesn’t get affected at all.

Malware Clean

As soon as the malware is identified on your website, you can use MalCare’s instant one-click removal tool to delete the malware and keep your site protected.

The best things about MalCare is that you can use the built-in tool to remove the malware yourself and no longer need to contact support or wait for someone to do it for you.

Malware Protection

With MalCare your website is automatically protected from any malware threats in addition to several other security measures.

MalCare provides you with a number of security features including Login Protection, Site Hardening, and Web Application Firewall that keeps your website secure at all times.

How to redeem MalCare Coupon Code?

You can use our exclusive MalCare coupon code to claim 20% discount on all new purchases across all MalCare plans.

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Developed using a proprietary algorithm, MalCare is the first fully automatic WordPress malware scanning and cleaning plugin.

Get 20% OFF across all of the MalCare plans using our MalCare Coupon code link below.

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